Tuesday, January 6, 2015

last minute ramblings

last night i picked up my journal for the first time in too long. my pen is an exact replica of the one my grandmother used to write with. there are ink smudges on my palm from the doodles i've drawn. i may or may not pick this pen back up for while but i know it'll be here when i'm ready too.

i painted my toes tonight after i got the girls to bed. i can hear savannah now. she'll tell me that she loves the pink. soft and sweet like her. they talk my ears off. and it's not just me. even at the dentist office which i must say, they were crazy excited about. go figure.

it doesn't seem right that 2014 is over. so much happened. i find myself wondering if this next year will bring more happiness or experience. with hope of being more on top of things this next year, i picked up a new planner from target and a few little notebooks for jotting things down.

and just so there are no secrets between us...i made a new chili recipe that is pretty amazing. it is nothing similar to what i grew up on but a whole new meaning to chili for me. however, in true kristen fashion, i've misplaced or forgotten where i put the recipes so....i can't share it. as soon as i find it though, i'll add it.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

the new year and some childrenisms

it's been a busy week for us here. with mike on twelve hour shifts, the girls and i have been doing our thing like we do best. christmas is gone and left the remnants of new toys and stress lifted off the shoulders of a very stressed out moma. the new year came and left. we brought it in by sleeping in. all of us. woohoo!

hope: moma, what kind of birthday cake do you want?
me: i don't know, moma's don't really get cakes.
hope: well how about a blue cinderella cake?
me: that sounds good
hope: or i know...a coffee cake. because that's all you drink

me: ellie, you need to be nice and stop teasing
ellie: ma'am yes
me: don't be mean
ellie: k ma!
(2 minutes later)
ellie: ma! I be bad to hope me.

the girls: Daddy?
mike: what?
the girls: why is your tongue sticking out?
mike: because i'm a barrett
the girls: what's that mean?
mike: you do it too.

you see why it's never hard to get a good laugh.

happy new year! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Car Play Mat

For Christmas this year, I thought and thought on what to do for my little nephew. Being a true boy who loves dirt, hunting, tractors, animals, and superheros, I had an endless list of possibilities. For some reason though, I just couldn't think of anything. Then one night it hit me...a felt play-mat for his matchbox cars. 

After a few hours of thinking a cutting, I put together one of the coolest gifts with minimal sewing and my hot glue gun by my side. I sent a peek to my Daddy and he thought it was perfect for the little man. 

There's a farm with the tractor and the garden.

A church, pond, and even a grove for hunting.

And just past the interstate the police station and a parking garage. 

Thanks to the handles, he'll be able to fold it, roll it and take it where ever he wants.

I'm pretty excited about the outcome. I can't wait for him to open it on Christmas day. I'm pretty sure it'll keep him occupied for a few hours at least.

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14