Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Settling In

We are slowly working our way through the mess, box by box. It amazes me that even though I've started the "less is more" approach to living, we still have so MUCH stuff. As I unpack things, I'm really questioning "do we really need this?" The kids clothes, books, kitchen gadgets, and just the stuff. 

This house is so different and amazing. I keep reminding myself that it's only temporary. Still, it's difficult to not want to make it "home." The base offers such a sense of security. Compared to our old neighborhood, I can let my nerves settle as the girls play outside. It's an incredible blessing even if it is just for now. We can sit outside and watch airplanes fly over and the girls eyes watch in amazement. 

I was hesitant to do more to the house than just arrange the furniture and make the beds, but I just can't. So I've looked through the stuff I've kept and decided to hang some things on the walls and help the girls make their rooms "theirs." As I do that, I'll share a little bit on here so you can see how  things are. 

The big girls started school the Wednesday after we moved on base. They were extremely excited to meet some new friends, in which most of them live on base within walking distance of our house. A huge plus. The days are different while they're gone. Ellie and I get to bond like we've never been able to. I get to hear the silly stories the girls come home with and  see their little faces light up. Makes me so happy to see them adjust to so much change like it's absolutely nothing. They make me feel silly for even worrying about them, but I really was. I stressed over it big time. 

The big girls are learning how amazing weekends are and I'm learning to appreciate them as they come. So it's Wednesday and we have 2 days to go...let's do this!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


“Life isn’t perfect, but even with it’s flaws, it is beautiful.” – Stephanie Nielson, Heaven Is Here.
Tonight as I'm writing this, my girls are all tucked in their beds. My home is a prime example of organized chaos. Boxes packed and stacked. Laundry baskets brimming with the odds and ends. The bare necessities in drawers and closets. Toys strewn all over the place. It's these little things, all of these little things that are reminding me there's beauty to be found in all situations. 

Over the past 2 months, the husband and I have had numerous conversations about what waits for us around the corner. The adventure that is planned for us with only a few willing details. I'm quick to let it all weigh heavy on my shoulders. Quick to let my thoughts steal me away. I'm lucky though. I know for sure that I can turn to him to keep me grounded and help balance my fear of any and all uncertainty. 

While I'm not really sure where this year is going to take us, I do know that where he is, I will be home. I'm not sure if that feeling can be any sweeter...any more beautiful. 

This year will be messy. It will be stressful. It will be over loaded with change for all of us. But in it all, my days will still be filled with moments of joyful motherhood, blissful marriage, and an abundance of grace and hope. I pray I never look past any of this.
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Simple Things

We took the girls to the water park today. I love watching how excited they get when we mention something so fun. The big girls spent most of the time with their daddy in the wave pool. I stayed with miss priss since she's not  a big fan. 

We've been busy here lately. In the process of selling our house and will be moving just around the corner. All to do with the Air Force which you know are details that usually are left out. Frustrating, yes, but I have faith that details will fall into place when and how they're supposed to be. 
(that said, it took a few days to be able to say that with a straight face) 

So within all of the busy I've been trying to enjoy the simple things. Watching my girls play together and love on one another. Watching them bloom each day. It's amazing and I know if I don't watch closely it'll whisp by. So we eat pancakes for supper because it's a victory for their bellies and watch the summer sillies at the movie theatre with a bottomless tub of popcorn. Gluten free for the win!!

Hope you had an amazing Monday!

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But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14