Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My People

My people. They're pretty amazing. A little on the wild side but they bring great balance to my world. I can hear them now, wrestling on my bed. A good round of thumb war just ended and now they're all giggling and talking in silly voices. The girls just ran out and showed my their new belly rolling trick. The things they learn when they spend some one-on-one time with Daddy. It's pretty funny. 

On Monday, they celebrated me turning 32. So crazy to think that I'm finally up there but I can't think of any better way to meet this mark than with my people. My silly, crazy, hilarious, dramatic people. 

Ellie and I have been working hard on her potty training the past couple of days. She's been so adamant about this transition it's about turned my whole head grey. I finally grabbed the bull by it's horns and we've made some slow progress. Very slow. Slllooow. There's something about the baby wearing her big girl panties...bittersweet. 

I have to say too, this man...I'm so proud of him. He sews on his Tech stripe on Friday and I couldn't be any happier for him. He's such a hard worker and is doing great at his new job. So grateful for such a determined husband. We laugh because we celebrated his last promotion in South Carolina with sunshine and a kiddie pool. This go around we pulled out the fire pit and marshmallows. Keeping it real folks. 

Hope the rest of your week is amazing. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Here Lately

The wind is kicking it outside. The backyard toys are rolling around and screen is rattling at the door. Inside we're doing our spring break Idaho style. Not our normal Southern sun and popsicles. We're adjusting though. Lot's of coffee for me and lot's of coloring and legos for the girls. It all works out.

Slowly but surely, we have been wondering hills of our new town. Exploring and seeing what surrounds our little house. There are miles of things to see and we've only just begun.

Our big adventure this week was to the Idaho Falls Museum. They had a dinosaur exhibit set up that the girls have been begging to see since we arrived in Idaho back in January. It was so fun. Small and quaint but very interesting to the little ladies. After seeing the dinosaurs and learning about some of the different types, we came home with little dinosaur eggs of our own. A little lesson of being patient while waiting for these little critters to hatch out.

The girls have been taking turns in the kitchen helping me out. It's the only way I can teach them how to cook. One at a time, one chef at a time. Each day they take turns learning to make something whether it's at lunch time or for supper. I found a little magnet chore chart online that is super cute! It
Abbies House

has been helping a lot with their chores. It reminds them what they have to do and what they've already done. Simple chores but effective.  Little magnets with cute illustrations of their chore...Ellie's favorite chore besides being the chef is the laundry. She's a fan of the buttons and slamming the door.

 We've been trying to make it a point every Friday night to do something as a family. Going out to our most current favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Playing games as a family. Picking a movie or going on an adventure. It's been a lot of fun. Our most recent game is Jenga and boy have we had a blast. Tons of giggles and laughter from all of us. It's been great.

 Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gaps are filled.

Last week my Moma and Nana flew out to visit us. It was such a sweet visit. The girls really took to Nana, which thought for so long that they would never get to really know her. Let me just say, they proved her so wrong. They loved on her and played with her. Sat and snuggled with her. Made me so happy to see them connect with someone that I loved and respect so much.

When the girls first found out that they were coming to visit, they decided they wanted to have a tea party with them. They wanted to get all fancied up and talk with silly accents. It was absolutely adorable. We made little cupcakes and raspberry tea to share with them. I know this will be something that they will look back and be grateful for.

The weather was hit and miss while they were here. The cold stuck around to help keep the snow settled on the mountains. We drove them up to Jackson, Wyoming which was a perfect tour of the Teton mountain range. They even got to see a mountain goat in all his the middle of the road of course. 

I miss my family. I miss being around them and making memories with them. I'm really happy they got to come and spend time with me and my girls. It makes being away a little bit more doable when the gaps are filled. 

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14