Friday, April 24, 2015

Lemonade and Childrenisms

This week has been all about getting back to my old self. It hasn't been easy. After a virus that harsh, energy is hard to get back to 100%, especially with my three amigos. 

The girls have been begging to make lemonade lately, but I didn't have a juicer to make it. After coming across a hand juicer at Goodwill the day after they asked me, I only figured it was meant to be done. So a bag of lemons, some sugar, and a whole bunch of giggles, we had a quart of lemonade. 

Me: Eat up before your cereal it gets too soggy.
Savannah: yeah Hope. Cause it's es-pensive
Me: yep. exactly

Hope: Hey Moma, do ya know what kind of bird that was? 
Me: what kind punk?
Hope: a monkey bird --hahahaha-

Ellie: Ma, I baby tiger, you the Moma tiger
Me: ok, so I'm the Moma tiger?
Ellie: no ma!! I baby tiger, you Moma tiger...rawww!
k, ma?!

Hope: Moma you're the best
Me: the best what?
Hope: the best, you know
Me: for what though
Hope: the best for cooking sausage but not the patty kind. like bacon is good.

Savannah: Does that pin in your shirt hurt?
Me: no, it's just a small pin. why?
Savannah: does your shirt have a hole in it now?
Me: a very small one, but it'll go away.
Savannah: so it'll heal like my leg? Poor shirt

Hope your weekend is beautiful!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Enjoying Together

There are a lot of counselors that suggest highly that military families should reach out amongst each other for support and shoulders to lean on. Plan get-togethers. Schedule playdates for the kids. Get out and join the community happenings. For some that's the way to survive being isolated from family. For our family, we're learning that that whole idea just isn't for us. It's just not the way we want to parent our kiddos. We enjoy the time together even if it is a whole whole lot.

So here lately we've been talking about ways we want to take things into our own. I mean, Mike and I are extreme homebodies so why not use that to our advantage and enjoy being home with our kids more. 

There's so much fun to be had without the stress of trying to make it that way and that's how we like it to be. Our girls tend to follow that path too. Plus, look at all the happy memories their making.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Picking Berries

Somehow, we managed to get through winter in one piece this year. Such a turn-a-round from last year's. The weather lately has been a springy mix. Cool mornings and warm afternoons. 

The U-Pick strawberry fields opened up last week down the road from the house. Growing up in Florida, strawberries were everywhere, all year. So to be able to share them with the girls is such a highlight for me even if they're wearing rain boots instead of flip flops. 

They love picking berries. They make it a race to see who can fill up their buckets the fastest. 
They think it's amazing how the rows are so straight. 
And just try to keep them from picking the blooms. It's almost impossible. 

Hope your Monday was a great one!

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14