Saturday, July 5, 2014

So Ready

I know. It's been a while. A long while for sure. 
I'm sitting on the back porch tonight trying to catch my breath from the whirlwind that just sucked me under. Some evenings are easy peasy...most though are like tigers waiting to pounce. You think it's all good then...
It's smacks ya up side the head and takes you down for the kill.
Ok, so maybe not as brutal as that but I'm sure you have an inkling of what I"m talking about here. Right?
(just not your head yes)

Our day here was like semi-sweet chocolate. Just enough sweet to balance out the bitter. My girls act as if they know when I need the sweet to step up it's game. Like first thing in the morning...

them-- Moma, can we cuddle with you instead of getting up?
me--you sure can punkins (cause lord knows this moma does not want to get up at the crack of dawn...again)
them--out cold snoring up against each other

And let me just clarify...this never happens!!! Ok. Just making sure.
SO we've been busy. Waiting. 
We are patiently waiting for Daddy to get back. 
This Moma realized today...
14 DAYS 
Y'all!!!! I cannot, I repeat, I cannot tell you how crazy excited I am to have my backup back in action. No, just kidding. I'm ready for my BFF to get back here. Holding hands is not easy when there's this huge amount of land and sea in the middle of us. we celebrated with ice cream. In cones.
It seemed appropriate.

They were happy as all get out. More so about the ice cream because they don't really understand the whole countdown thing. But, who's counting right?!

Miss Ellie is leaping small mountains trying to catch up to her sisters and all the little momas out there. Speed racing with her stroller and Olaf around the house. I kid you not. I took almost 20 pictures of her pushing that thing aorund. All but two were blurry because she was going to fast. Crazy little bugger. In her diaper of course. (latest fashion..duh!!)

 I also, sadly enough, cannot bear to take that stupid paci out of this child's life quite yet. The cry myself to the point of crocodile tears is just unbearable for this Moma in the midst of a lonely deployment with no consolation to my baby growing up. Can you hand me a tissue? 
Just saying. So, please don't judge the fact that most of the pictures she's in...the paci is also.

So, lately, our days are filled with lot's of cartoons and funny movies, princess dress up, puzzles, cuddles, going to friends houses (to save Moma's sanity), and just being. And honesty, even though I find myself in tears at the end of most of these lonely days, I know that they are more special than most of the ones I'll ever have with these littles. 

I will never have the chance to "be" with them like I get to "be" with them right now. 
Just me. 
All me. 
Only me.
That's all you get. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.
Just me...Your Moma.

Even though, I'm ready. So ready for the next phase. 
It's coming too.
Quicker than I realized it would (never did I say that back in January) but it is.  We are ready to do a heal kick and a yippee to see that man in uniform walking through the security gates. Unreal. 
That's all I can think of. 
So ready.
Because really, he needs to catch up on all of this.


Friday, May 2, 2014

What's In My Bag

There's nothing like finding the perfect diaper bag to withhold all the wear and tear of tugging children and their stuff around town and country. Filled with diapers, wipes, cheerios, crayons, there's not much room left in the bag for my stuff. So on most occasions, I slip a little pouch holding grocery money (since that's out usual adventure) and off we go. I've learned to accept it.

So when the rare occasion rises that I get to wonder outside the walls of this house free of childlike jabber in my ear, I enjoy carrying my own tote filled with my own belongings. 

I'm not a flashy gal. I like to keep things simple and toned down. So when my husband bought me this purse last year, I was tickled he picked out one so suiting for me. I love it's insides as much as I it's outs. Secretly hot pink. 

Tucked inside are just the things I need to not feel as if I'm carrying the whole house. No paci's, no sippy cups, no old cheerios lining the bottom. Just "me" stuff. That's it. 

Last year, when Maggie was kicking off her Gussy Club, I signed up and received these little pouches in the mail. So happy to put them to use as #1 and #1.

Gussy #1-- Holds my hair ties, lotion, antibacterial and tissues.

Gussy #2-- Holds my grocery money. I've been using cash for groceries. When I go to the store, this is what I carry along with my coupons tucked inside. Thanks to this, my I've stayed under budget a lot more.

and for the rest...

3. My favorite gum.
4. EOS chapstick. LOVE!!!
5. Ice Breakers...mmm.
6. First pair of Oakleys
7. Cell
8 & 9. Pen and paper calendar (polka-dots of course). Even though I have my phone, I still like to write dates and to-dos down. It helps me to remember.
10. Wallet from Target. 

And that's it!!!

It's not much. I don't need a lot when I'm by myself, but what I do have I like to keep organized and together. What's in your bag?

***This post was written as part of a "What's in your purse?" campaign hosted by Credit Card Insider. I For more information , please contact Erin Ballard

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just a Few

It's been just a few days since the last time my fingers hit this keyboard. You like that right?! More like 3 months or so. A lot has happened and not happened since then. If that makes any sense at all. 

Today my house is in waiting. There's bad weather on the way so we're being patient for it to roll through and move on like most things in life do. The girls are princessed up and roaming the floors in jewels and tiaras. All while I pray for a steady hand to watch over us through the storms. Faith. It's a must these days. 

I don't remember if I've mentioned to you that my parenting role has shifted these last few months. I'm toughing it out solo style. A little daunting at first, but by golly I think I got it. Word to the wives...priorities. Simple as that. If it doesn't involve bills, work, getting food on the table, or anything close to caring and being there for those littles, than let it take the back seat. Lesson learned. It's easier that way and your heart will reap the rewards.

Speaking of the littles... the three of them just had a time on a trip to Florida. We welcomed Easter in true family style this year. A big first for us. While we surely miss the man of the house, we were grateful to spend such a special day with those we love. It makes a difference sometimes. 

So since it's been so long, here are some updates on the way things are looking these days.

We've been doing...anything, everything, and most of the time nothing...but all together. And let me tell you, if I haven't learned anything at all but that since doing this solo...well that's enough for me. 

But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more Psalm 71:14