Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Update

Hello everyone!! I finally got home yesterday from the hospital. My little girls are still in the NICU, but they are improving everyday. Savannah is off her oxygen completely and is eating every 3 hours now. We're expecting her to be able to come home maybe next week. Hope started eating yesterday, every 6 hours, and is breathing so much easier. We're leaving here in a little bit to go visit them. It's definitely hard having to leave them up there, but I know exactly what they are doing...sleeping and getting stronger. So knowing that, my heart is as ease. I'll be posting their birth story later this week once I get everything together.
Mike and I thank you for all of your prayers. God has blessed us tremendously.


  1. Oh Kristen sweetie...
    Praise God, he delivered those babies and they are getting stronger by the day. I can't wait for you to be able to have them in your precious nursery. Getting them home makes it feel so more real.

    The pics you posted are just precious. I am so thrilled for you. Going from a family of 2 to a family of 4 overnight. How exciting is that? Hope and Savannah could not have been given to a more beautiful set of parents. You are truly blessed sweetie.

    Please post some pics when you get home. I will be waiting and watching for them.

    Country hugs from Country Wings in Phoenix. Love, Sherry

  2. I'm so glad the girls are doing ok and getting stronger. The Lord has brought you (and the girls) to my mind several times over the last few days and I've prayed for you. Hope you are feeling ok and recovering well.
    Love ya!


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