Thursday, January 7, 2010

Something New, Something Old

I have always been a lover of old, vintage items. I was lucky to receive a blanket when I became pregnant from my mother-in-law that was made for my husband before he was born. She says someone at her church made it for her when she was pregnant. Supposedly, everyone thought she was having a girl, needless to say he definitely wasn't a girl. LoL. Laura, his Mom, kept the blanket for all of this time. She was really excited when we found out that we were having two girls because ow the blanket she had been holding on to could get some use.

Now, earlier this week, I got a package from Mike's Mom-Mom (that's his grandmother). When I opened it up I found this blanket. She made the girls a new blanket to add to their collection. Can you believe how similar they are to each other. I know not identical, but the same theme. Crazy!!!! What's even more ironic is that she didn't even know that we had one that was so similar. She made this blanket all on her own accord. Now my girls will have "sort of" matching blankets to use when they get cold; something old, something new. I was excited to share this with makes me smile to think about all of the love and joy that went into making both of these blankets...and with such of a time gap. Pretty neat huh?

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!!! Try to find JOY in everything you do. It makes your day that much better. God bless!


  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! and what lovely heirlooms for your daughters... and it is so neat how they "match"... really precious!

    I hope you're surviving in these last months! Can't wait until February!!


  2. Those are beautiful blankets. It is amazing how similar they are. You are very blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. Looks like a great family. :-)

  3. So very precious! Your daughters are going to be wrapped up in such glorious blessings. Won't be long now...


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