Monday, March 8, 2010

Plan of Attack: M&M's

It's already been more than a week since the girls have come home from the hospital. In my opinion I did pretty good creating a routine to follow. Everyone that I spoke with said that's the most important part of taking care of twins: THE ROUTINE.

They say without one things will become caotic and crazy and you'll never get anything accomplished. Therefore, I had my goal in place and my mind set to make a routine that will create a nice flowing atmosphere for our little family. 

So far so good...but only with their eating schedule. They've done so well. They eat every three hours (sometimes 3 1/2). I know that after they eat and I change their diapers, I've got 2 hours and 45 minutes to get things done around the house. Such as bible time, laundry, random cleaning, computer time, cooking, and maybe a nap. This has been the hardest part for me. The baby part has come fairly easy. Even the nights go well...they sleep so good.

In attempt to fix this little blunder, I too a visit to Joys blog and borrowed some of her ideas. She created a minimum mainetance list to keep her on track; she calls it her M&M.

When I wake up in the morning, I have to have a routine of my own to follow to prevent myself from running stir crazy. So I made one:

Check girls
Feed girls
Make bed
Check laundry
Quick pick-up
Wipe down kitchen
Lunch & Supper?

I know that before I get to doing anything else around the house; before I get lost in my "side-tracked-ness," I've got to get these things done. Then, and only THEN, can I move on. By the time I get finished with my M&M's, the girls will probably be waking up for their second meal of the day.

This is my plan of attack to make the flow of things a lot easier. I'm being very optimistic about the outcome...I think it'll work out.

I'll start with the morning routine...then I'll make my way to the evening. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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  1. Being optimistic is the first step, I'm sure you'll succeed :)

  2. Hi Kristen! :)
    I am stopping by from Rear Window's blog parade and hope you are having a great week so far.
    God bless you and your dear family!
    Love and blessings in Christ,
    Rachel M. from Hopejourney

  3. Kristen,

    We are praying for those precious little ones.

    We love you all,



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