Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's a Birthday?

I know I've said it before, but it's amazing how you take a step back and look over what takes priority in life after you have babies. My birthday is today, unfortunately, but you know...I could really care less.
Now, I'm definitely NOT saying that I don't mind turning 26 because I do.
But, my birthday isn't as BIG as it used to be.

Moma called me like two weeks ago asking me for my birthday list. I thought it was cute and a little funny that she still called me to ask. I thought it was sort of an "unwritten rule" that once your kids have kids, the birthday presents cease to exist **sad face**

Am I the only one that bought believed that?

Well, I 'm sure you're thinking that I gave in and gave her a long list of things I wanted, right?


I seriously wanted for nothing. I already had my birthday sitting on their Boppy pillows on the couch watching Baby Einstein. What more could I ask for?

Apparently that wasn't a sufficient answer for my Moma.
And...I was told that Miss Darlene (that's my sewing machine by-the-way) was my birthday present. However, now I'm told that that was an excuse just to buy me an "Oh-so-needed" piece of equipment.

Works for me.

Anyhoo...since she insisted that I give her a list. I simply told her that if she was going to buy me something, buy me something for my girls. Make sense?
There is always something that my girls need.
Bigger outfits, more diapers, more diapers, more diapers.
You can't forget the wipes.

I ended up telling Mike the same thing when he asked what I wanted. I do admit, there is a lot of stuff that I "want," but that's exactly what they are...WANTS, not needs. My girls need a lot more stuff than I want, so why not spend the energy on them. (that's not a question by the way)

So...all in all..(I know this post really doens't have a sense of direction...random thoughts you might say) from now on, my focus is my girls. My birthday is no longer a need for a GRAND celebration.
 My girls are what's important now...not Moma's silly birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday!

    I know exactly what you mean. My birthday was last Sunday, but that was the day we held my youngest's first birthday party/baby dedication. Totally didn't bother me that it was all about him on my day. That's what being a mama is all about!

    I did give my family a list, though. Mostly for stuff I needed, so I feel pretty good about that.


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