Sunday, April 11, 2010

Reflection Sunday

It's been a long week of packing and preparing for our move to Charleston. My energy level is running very close to empty and the chances of it making near full is not in my near future.

Welcome to Reflection Sunday...where I take a seat with my cup of coffee in hand and look back on my week. The craziness, fun, and stressful moments that made my week so special.

What a week.

The girls are in a stage right now where I'm not sure what's wrong with them when they cry cry cry. The only thing that pops in my mind is, "Maybe they're teething?" But, I think it's too early...they're only almost 3 months old. They really have me stumped. What's a Moma to do?

Pick her up and hold her tight..that's what. I LOVE snuggling my girls close to me. There's nothing better than those little moments. When their heavy, stressed out breathing patterns slow down because they know that they're secure in my arms. So, so sweet.

This weekend was our last weekend here in Louisiana, so we just had to enjoy the yumminess of good ole' cajun crawfish. YUMMY!!! This is one thing that I am definitely going to miss when we move.
There's something about corn, potatoes, onions and sausage all boiled together in a crawfish boil.
 It's just pure goodness.


This week was the beginning of a wonderful celebration over at 5 Minutes for Mom.
The 2010 Ultimate Blog Party of course.

This is my first year participating in it so I'm am just so excited!! This is my opportunity to meet new bloggerville friends and find new blogs to read. How ex-ci-ting!!!!

I've been reading through the of gospel of John with my mother-in-law every morning. We timed it just right too...we were reading through the resurrection right after Easter Sunday. How amazing is that?! I'm excited to see where we're going to go next. We haven't decided yet. I love reading with her because having someone to share the Word with opens my eyes to new things.

This next week I might be a little absent on days. We're going to be busy with the last little moving details. I'm not even sure when our internet is going to be turned off. But, be reassured that

I hope yall have a good week and take the time to soak up all of the special moments that might otherwise pass you by. I've got to go feed my girls...God bless!

I would love to hear about your Sunday Reflection. Please share your link so that I, and others, can reflect with you. Please follow the guidelines. It makes it more fun.

God bless and happy reflections!

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