Sunday, April 4, 2010

When It Was Just You and Me

Dear Mike,

Remember when it was just you and me?
This was us.
Silly, crazy, energetic.
To think that we started because I wanted to go four-wheeling with you. Hmm...true love right from the start.
Remember this day?
This was our day.
Our day.

Where we made the promise to love and cherish each other.

On the banks of the lake out in Texas country. That day will always be unforgettable.

Simple, yet honest and true.

And look at us now.
One year later...
We are very busy. Running around the house...feeding the girls what seems ALL the time. Giving on-the-go kisses. Sleeping when possible. Staying at home on the weekends. 
This is us...
you and me...and our family. 

I want to pause and say that
In the middle of our organized chaos...I love you.
Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I loved seeing all the pictures of you two!


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