Thursday, June 3, 2010

Four Months!!!!

This was us not so long ago.
The NICU was your home-away-from-home.
I remember all of those walks down the hallway of the hospital to the elevator..
.third floor please?
 Ring! Ring! Ring!
"This is the Barrett's here to see Hope and Savannah."

You girls were usually starting to stir when we got there..always ready to eat.

Now look at you...4 months old (and some change).

There is so much about you that has changed since you were born. There's something new everyday. I remember the first day that it was just you and me...all by ourselves. Moma was so so nervous and scared to care for two little preemie babies...but I learned quickly. You've taught me so much since we first started.
Because of you, I can now...

Carry two babies at's a challenging task but so do-able

Nurse two babies at picture for this one *smile*

Speed shop like no-one-else

Multi-task x 5

Dance like the neighbors aren't watching *giggle*
(you know you have to do some silly things to entertain) 

Snuggle and comfort my daughters on the couch

Push AND pull shopping carts at the same time.

Participate in one of the most respected days of the year: Mother's Day

Be even more grateful for my husband because he's turned into an amazing father

I learned how to nurse while on the road...a Moma's gotta do what a Moma's gotta do!!!

You now have your ear's pierced like big girls...Daddy's little Divas!~
You sleep by yourself in your crib at night time.

You love to sit in the kitchen and help tell Moma to hurry up with supper.
This next month is going to be even more interesting. You're starting to lift your heads while on your bellies and rock back n forth. You're going to be very busy very soon! I can't wait!!

Time is going by swiftly but it's full of excitement. Your Daddy and I love you very much and love the excitement you bring to every new day.
We love you!!!!

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  1. adorable, and congratulations!! They are simply adorable!

  2. They are growing soo much!! They are precious!

  3. babies grow so fast... they are such beautiful little girls!

  4. such a sweet post! and cute pics!!!

  5. Hi!
    Beautiful babies!! We are expecting twins in July. Have a great day!

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