Monday, July 5, 2010

Mosy Around Monday

Fourth of July has come and gone. *sad face*

Another year down...kind of makes me sad. This means that in only two weeks my little girls are going to be 6 months.

 That's half a year already. (Yes, that is a tear rolling down my cheek. Ok..maybe several.)


Mike and I spent most of our weekend around the house. Our backyard has turned into a salvage yard for my weenies.

Anything and everything has been claimed by the two of rug, old plant pots, anything that's out there seriously has teeth marks on it...and all I have to say about it is...


I know...they look innocent don't they? You're probably wondering how I could GRRR at such cutiepies?'s possible.

Mike assigned himself some "to-do's" of his own this weekend since he had 5 days off. He pressure washed the driveway, swept the pine needles off the roof, washed the car and truck, organized the garage. He got a lot of work done.

Me? Well, I helped. While the girls were sleeping, I cleaned the house...clothes, floors, dusting, bathrooms, bed clothes, laundry, kitchen dishes.
We got a lot accomplished and we are tuckered out.

We did manage to get out and enjoy the cool weather that graced us this weekend. We mosied on over to the local Azalea Park.
The paths were all bumpy and curvy from age...the flowers were in full bloom...and the turtles were out and about in the ponds.
It was definitely a beautiful day!! Of course there was no one around to take our picture, so we took turns with the girls.

Aren't the girls funny...they love putting their little toesies in the grass.

They are definitely ticklish like their Moma.
We wore them out walking around...they were sound asleep by the time we made it back to the truck. I sure do love my girls.

After the park we went home and cooked up some supper. We decided to enjoy the 4th with full force...Buffalo wings, Homemade Onion Rings, and carrots with ranch dressing. YUMMO!!!!
Mike and I have been in a big rut this past week. I seriously haven't been grocery shopping in...well...let's just say a long time. I think in all actuality, it's been a month. I know...bad.  I'm out of even the simple stuff...flour, butter, salt. It's horrible!!!

I know my pantry doesn't look so empty...that's why it's even more horrible than you can imagine.

This past week has been lousy. Lunch time rolls around and we both stare at each other with the same look and question, "I'm hungry...what are we going to eat?!?"

Mike's never been one to enjoy leftovers. There's been an occasion where he'll tear 'em up, but that's stuff like pizza, spaghetti, chicken tacos...that sort of stuff.
Me? I'll eat anything. In my mind, it's a waste if I don't.
So, to make it easier on us, on me really, I always try to keep quick stuff for him (ravioli, ramen noodles, chunky soup, etc). Well, since I haven't been grocery shopping in a month, we're all out.

I've got the big stuff in the freezer for suppers and all, but lunches, forget it!!! He's been on the swing shift in which he doesn't go to work until 4, there fore he's home for lunch and not supper. That doesn't help me at all.

This week, he's going back to mid shift and we'll be back to normal. So my meal planning will actually be useful...that's if I make it to the grocery store to get that salt and butter. *smile*

I figured that I'd try and keep it simple this week so we can try to get back on here I go:

Monday: Grilled Sausage and veggies
Tuesday: Fabulous Fajitas and yellow rice
Wednesday: Spaghetti and salads
Thursday: Honey chicken
Friday: Steak and Potatoes (I know we eat this a lot,but it's true love!)
Saturday: Homemade pizzas and salad (movie night)
Sunday: Braised Short Ribs with carrots and potatoes

Wish me luck!

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  1. Sounds like you had a productive and fun weekend! And the park looks awesome! Cute pictures too! Good luck with your meal planning this week - you can do it!!


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