Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Little Chick-a-dees....

Oh my goodness! Do you know how old you are today? You are 7 months old!!!!!!!
Oh my goodness!!! Look at you girls!!!!
When it comes to watching them grow, the same thought keeps coming to mind, "they're growing so fast!" When people ask me how old they are, I find it hard to say 7 months. I feel like I should only be saying 4 or 5. It just amazes me...I guess that I'm doing something right. They're healthy babies.

They are doing so much these days. I'm finding that I have to entertain them more because they become bored a lot easier.
We got them their jumpers a while ago, but its been just recently that they've figured how to play in them. Savannah goes to town jumping away when she's in hers. She loves it!
Hope likes to play with the musical keyboard. The lights amaze her.

Here's what they're doing:
Rolling everywhere.
Scooting backwards.
Blowing bubbles.
Babbling nonstop
Learning their vocal range; we have a lot of high pitch conversations these days. *smile*

They Love to eat...anything. Period.
Frozen grapes, watermelon, berries, any vegetables, chicken, oat bars, cream cheese balls, banana name it they love it.

Their favorite things to eat are things that they can hold. They're all about holding things right now. They're even holding their sippy cups by themselves. AWESOME!!!!

They are on a great schedule...helps to keep me in line during the day.

7-8:00 am : Wake up and eat breaksfast
8-11 am    : Floor time, jumper time
11-11:30  : Eat lunch
11:30-2:30/3:30 : Nap
3:30-4 : nurse and snack
4-7 : Outside, floor time, jumper time
7 : Bath time
7:30 Supper and cuddle time
7:30-8 : Bed time

I love this routine that we have. The lull between each meal gives me time for errands or going to the works great.

They are now teething. They don't have any teeth yet, but they sure do get cranky and show that they don't feel good. I am thankful though, they sleep through the nights. All the way from 7:30-8 at night to 7:30-8 am. It's great!

They love to stand up. You can see Hope here...doing what she does best...smiling! She's holding herself up on the ottoman. She's such a big girl.

They love hanging out on the floor together. They have starting having staring contests with each adorable!
Happy 7 Months my little darlins'!
Moma and Daddy love you bunches and could seriously eat up up!!!



  1. Aww this is so sweet! Happy seven months little ones! :)

  2. Happy 7 months. They are gorgeous. :)

  3. I totally understand thinking that you shouldn't be saying that they are 7 months!! I have to think twice before I say Lily is 7 1/2 months- seems like she should still be 6 months! The days are flying by!

    So glad they are on such a good schedule! I know that makes your life so much easier! Are cream cheese balls just rolled up cream cheese, or do you add other stuff to them? Also, what is your recipe for banana cookies? :)

  4. PS- I LOVE your new design! So cute!!

  5. Your twins are adorable. I always thought it would be so much fun to have twins...but I know it is a lot of work. But it would all be worth it!

    Your blog is cute. I became a follower. I though I already had...but I guess not.

    7 months! Before ya know it the little girlies will be a year old! Once they start to walk you are really gonna be a busy gal!


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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