Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Mid-Week Weekend

Hey yall! Welcome to our little slice of paradise...
Photobucket Mike's new weekend is awkwardly in the middle of the week now. He has Wednesday and Thursday nights off instead of the norm Saturday  and Sundays. Weird, but we're pressing forward with adaptation.

Take a peek at our weekend:

He found out that he made Staff Sergeant and we were so excited!!! *squeal!!!*
 Since we couldn't go to the beach, we decided to make wave in our backyard. Photobucket

It is amazing what two grown adults can find for entertainment.  Yes this is me and my husband, laying and playing in the girls' pool.

Where are they? Sadly, they were napping while we were sun bathing. But, don't you fret. We got them out there once the sun started playing pictures though. Daddy didn't want any of their goodies to show. *wink-wink*  That's ok though; next time Moma will have little swimmer diapers for them and a bathing suit so they can show off their backstroke.
Photobucket Bella enjoyed the pool too! Hank...not so much. He's such a, well, he's a big weenie! *giggle-giggle*

Here's the girls though...their first time eating J-E-L-L-O!!!

Slurp! Slurp!!!
They were all smiles afterwards. I think, just think, that they kinda-sorta liked it.Photobucket
Ok...Maybe they LOVED it!!!
It was really cute watching their expressions when the jiggly jello was in their mouths. Not so sure, but whew! They tore it up fast!!

We've had so much fun this week-weekend. 

We made more bread-n-butter pickles and grilled s'more ribs.
Finger-lickin' good!!!
My hubby is the best grill master yall!
So, since yall haven't had your weekend yet, what are your plans?
Do you have anything exciting planned?
A trip? Activities at home? Swimming in your kiddie pool?
Well, if so, don't forget your flugals...mmm k? That's a must.

What ever yall  do, have fun, laugh it up, be safe and enjoy every moment!


  1. Thanks for linking this up.. I love the time you spent with your husband. Love the girls reaction to jello..

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  3. lovely family Fridays post..
    cute baby.


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