Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Desired Mess

Looking around the many blogs that are out there to see let's you in on how a lot of other people live. The way that they raise their families, the manners in which they handle situations, the decor they choose for their homes...and on and on.

Since I've been blogging, which is now almost a year, I've come across a lot of beautiful homes. And when I say beautiful, I mean magazine cover beautiful. Drop dead gorgeous homes. These homes almost put me in a state of jealousy and give me the sickness of
"I want my home to look just like that!!!"

It's crazy!

Like these:

The Pleated Poppy

Well, looking at all the beauties on line, it's easy for me to get lost in the what could be idea. My head becomes swarmed with almost every idea that is put out there and I simply get lost. There a lot of those that decorate with amazing home-made crafts and such. They pick up super inexpensive items at these crazy wonderful rummage sales. Perform magic with spray paint and create out of this world accessories and home decorations with sewing machines. Their shelves are full of perfectly displayed items. Walls are symmetrically covered with frames and stylish platters. Their granite counter tops glow under their recessed lighting.

All the while, I'm sitting here in total awh of every move they make and wishing and wanting all of that in my house. Ha!

I've learned though; as much as I desire to have the houses that I admire and love, I don't have them and will never have "their" house.
Just a Girl

But what I do have is a home of my own. It's bigger than I would have ever imagined I'd have. I have big open windows that let Gods warm love flow in. I have a wonderful kitchen that allows me to fix good food for my family. An open living room that provides cozy comfort and snuggly moments. A dining room that allows my husband and I plenty of quiet suppers that replace the old "date night." The curtains that hang over the windows represent the styles of me and my husband. The way we have our furniture arranged fits our family. The way I organize my pantry suits my needs.The way our clutter is perfectly scattered through out the rooms is all ours.
What more could I ask for? Right?

Exactly! I have everything that is meant for me and my family. God put me here. In our house. Not someone elses. While I may ooh and awh over the fabulous layouts and setups of the homes that belong to many other bloggers, I am blessed to have one of my own...a beautiful house of my own...

Ecclesiastes 4:4
Again, I considered all travail, and every right work , that this a man is envied of his neighbour. This is also vanity and vexation.

I guess my point is...find joy in what you have. Your home. It is the way it is because it's yours. Without you, everything there is just "stuff." You and your family are what makes your house a home. Don't envy what others have because you already have it...just in another form in which fits you and your heart the best.

Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. What a great post!! I can relate to looking into the homes of others and fighting jealousy etc. But what a beautiful reminder to stop and be thankful that we are in the perfect place to find joy in. God is good and knows exactly what we need! What a great encouragement for today. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristen, you are so right...we need to be content with what we have. And you are rich in beautiful children!... A loving hubby...and cute little doggies. ( To name just a few of the most important blessings)

    Thanks for reminding us to stop and count our blessings...and to be happy for others.

    The Lord Bless And Keep You!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. We've been put of town so I had to catch up on your blog. This pic of your living room kills me. It's ours to a "T"! Only a twin mama right?!? Happy 8 months to the girlys also!


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