Monday, October 11, 2010

Homemade Fall Garland

I know that Michael's and AC Moore has most of their seasonal decor on sale, but in my mind it's still pricey. Plus, a trip to any of my local craft stores isn't so local. It takes a good 30-40 minutes just to get over there. HA!
With twins...maybe even longer. So...I have to be creative and looks else where for my decor.

I bought these leaves for $3 at the store the other day...when I got home, my mind started spinning with all of the ideas I had in store for them. I knew that I wanted something on my mantel and thought...GARLAND!!!!!

So this is what I did:

Some tan thread, a needle, and some of these awesome leaves.

I cute the leave off of their stems. I had red-ish Orangey leaves and yellow-ish orangey leaves. I used a little bit of both.

I took the needle and threaded it.

Took the needle and thread and threaded the leaves onto the thread. I alternated the colors to give it a mixed look. Once I got a good amount of leaves on the thread, I tied several knots on each end. If you don't do this, the thread will pull right through the leaf material. Trust me. *smile*

Obviously, you can make yours whatever length you want to fit where ever you're going to put the garland. I think that it looks just as fancy as the garland that the craft stores sell for what, $7-8?



Oh! I almost forgot... I stuck it up there with that sticky tack stuff. You know, the teacher's saving grace to hanging decorations without staples. Piece of cake.

Happy FALL!!!

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  1. perfect! how pretty! love reading your creative ideas.

  2. Just gorgeous, so colorful and clever! Fine idea.

  3. Oh golly! I love your garland!! I went to the dollar store today and got some leaves and promptly made garland. It looks great!! I will post some pictures on my blog. I will link it back to your blog! YAY! Thank you so much for being so creative and thrifty! (I also made the carseat cover a while back..never posted a picture..i plan to post a picture of that too!!)


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