Friday, December 17, 2010

11 Months...

Tomorrow, my girls will be eleven months. The word "busy" is the milestone that they've reached this month. Our house is no longer the quiet home to twin is now
Hope and Savannah's three ring circus...
 with new acts everyday. *smile*
- loves to dance. She has started moving to any song or beat that she hears. Adorable.
- learned to make the lul-lul-lul sound with her tongue and now does it all.the.time.
- started crawling 12/9
- sits up on her knees
- feeds herself snacks
- {hearts} pickles
- loves to give sugar
- learned to share with Sissy
- walks with the help of Moma and Daddy
- scrunches up her lips just like her Moma
- crawls into Moma's lap and lays her head on Moma's belly
- likes to have food in both hands while eating
- started crawling on Thanksgiving
- says "uh-oh"
- waves bye when she wants to
- stands up by herself by the couch
- walks along anything she can hold on to
- blows kisses
- shakes her head when you say "no."
- {hearts} pickles too!
- loves Moma to hold her cheek to cheek
- stuffs her cheeks like a chipmunk when eating
- stands up in her crib
- lays herself down in the living room when she gets tired...YAY!
- love playing in the tub together with all the bubbles and toys
- love talking to each other whether its in your highchairs at supper time, after you wake up from naps, playing on the floor, anywhere.
- flipping upside down is your favorite
- you both study your toys like you're trying to figure them out.
- you are so good at listening to Moma when she says "lay down" at nap time and bed time. You (so far) haven't given me any trouble with going to sleep.

I could seriously sit and watch you girls play all day long. If the house didn't require constant cleaning, I would consider doing that. But, I can't. I'm always so afraid that you're going to learn how to do something and I'm going to miss it.  Girls, you're growing up too fast and I know it's only going to go by faster this next year. You've become so independent and sometimes I wish you weren't. Sometimes, I wish I could go back to week 3 together and take one minute at a time. You both are so incredibly beautiful. God has blessed me with the most precious girls. I hope you know and feel that your Moma and Daddy love you to the moon and back.

Happy 11 months! *cry cry cry*

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  1. Hi Kristen- I just found your site I am a momma to twin girls to but mine are now six :( I LOVE LOVE LOVE having twins and love reading other twins blogs... ;) My are Hannah & Gracie and I am commenting under our blog ID so stop by if you would like! :) Your girls are adorable!


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