Monday, January 10, 2011

Birthday Bunting

The day is swiftly approaching. More swiftly than I truly desire, but it's inevitable. We're not really close to family...well...not at all to be honest. I promised my girls though, that they were going to have a party despite the lack of party guests. I'm praying that my parents are able to make it. Prayer is a wondrous thing you know.

In preparation for the big day, I've been working on several projects. I've already ordered the cake...I know! I should've made it myself, but I'm supporting my neighbor in her home-cake decorating business that she just got going. Her cakes are a-DOR-able!!! So, it's for a good cause that I'm not making a huge mess in my kitchen  attempting to make a cute-a-licious cake for my girls. The cake will be covered in green and pink polka dots. Thanks to my love of dots...the pink and green just fits.

Look at some of the cakes she's made.....
I wish I was that talented.
I've been wanting to make bunting now for a long time. Instead of wasting money on the paper to drape all over the place, I figured I'd make some bunting to decorate instead. That way they can hang it in their bedroom afterwards.

I spent about an hour working on it yesterday. I dug through some of my scrap fabrics and pulled out some cute pieces. Some you'll remember from the high chair cover I redid.

Bunting is really a simple project, but I know from experience. It's nice sometimes to have a guide to go off of. So here's how I made mine.

Scrap fabric OR fabric purposely meant for your bunting
ribbon, twine, thick thread...something to attach your flags to.
sewing machine
an hour or two

The how to:

Decide on how big of a flag you want. I drew a little template out of card stock scraps. It's a lot easier to work with than a fabric me.
 I chose to use a ribbon that I had in my stash to connect all the flags. Part of my inherited collection.
 Here's where you can change it up a bit. There are different ways to create the bunting. You can have your ribbon or twine showing on the front like I have here. I personally liked this look because the ribbon was pretty. I turned my stitch on my sewing machine to a zig zag and simply sewed directly over the ribbon. The zig zag gives it an even cuter opinion. *smile*
If you don't like that idea. You could sew it on the back of the flags too. Some people fold the flags over the ribbon or twine and actually glue them. This works if you don't own a sewing machine...and it probably goes a lot faster.

I am such a huge fan of bunting now. You'll more than likely see it much more through my house in the near future.

For now, I hung it up in my craft room. I think it looks pretty nice hanging up there. Don't ya think?!?

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  1. This is great! I've been thinking of making a bunting for my girls' room and one for birthday celebrations. Thanks for the motivation to get going on it!

    I love those cakes, too. I wish I knew how to do that!

    Good job, Momma!

  2. Darling! I love the fabrics you had. I am going to make bunting for my son's 5th birthday carnival party in March. I can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!


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