Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hope and Savannah {1 year}

It's here.
It's today!  
When I met you in the delivery room, I was smitten with your little wrinkles and scrunched up noses.

As impossibly sane as this may not seem, your cries were the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard. All those late nights of lost sleep thanks to the worries of "are they gonna make it?" and "am I doing everything I should be for them?" were all washed away when I heard your voices.

After your sister went back to heaven, I thought for sure that I had lost my chance to be a mother. All those times I looked forward to before I was a Moma...showing off my angel, being a part of the "mom" play group, organizing for a big birthday party, snuggling my baby in the hospital room....I thought I'd lost all chances for experiencing Moma-hood. Then came you, both of you.

You entered my life at an instant. You completely swept me off my feet. Left me speechless and at a loss for words. Our everyday moments have started to blend together creating these beautiful memories that are making imprints on my heart. It is in every mother's dream to have the chance to show her children off and make it known that she is at last a "mother." But you have changed that desire in me. It's not the usual scene of events that defines motherhood. It's what happens when the world isn't watching. The moments that are only between the three of us and witnessed by no one. When the sky is clouded and the moon is up. That soft humming to quiet your woes. The gentle rocking to the beat of your heart monitor. The soft smile from a silly tune. Sweet snuggles in the mornings while everyone is off to begin their days. It is us. I may not have everything together. I may not know what to do, but I sure know how to love you. And that is when I feel it the most, that crazy overwhelming sense that sometimes makes me want to burst in to tears and laugh at the same time. That Moma thing. Words would be at a constant flow if I were to attempt to share every special moment with everyone. Ask your Daddy.

You fill my days with smiles and laughter...something that can be gifted by no one but our sweet and gracious Lord. As amazing as your first year has been, I'm so anxiously awaiting the new adventures to come in your second year.
You are precious!
You are mine!
You are LOVED beyond belief!
You are ONE!

Happy Birthday my sweet lovelies!!!!

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  1. This post was absolutely beautiful! You have, so perfectly, put a mother's heart into words. Happy 1st Birthday to your darling little girls!

  2. Time sure flies. Happy Birthday you two sweet angels! Hope you guys have a great day celebrating!

  3. Happy 1st Birthday!!!! Yay!! It is so exciting and so sad at the same time! Hope and Savannah are getting so big!!! And they are sooooo adorable! Your Moma heart has to be smiling and so full right now! Have a great day!! :)

  4. Happy First Birthday beautiful baby girl!


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