Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let's Pull Those Weeds

There's a certain excitement that a mother gets when she finds out she's expecting. It's an overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment. There's also gratitude. Thankfulness sent to the Lord because He blessed her with child.

Following all that...comes the shopping. Yes! You know it...

What is it about Moma's and the need to shop for those young'ons? I did it for sure. It was double as fun because I had two to shop for. Double of everything, give or take a few items. Before I knew my girls' closet was well stocked with dresses, overalls, leggings, socks and TONS of onesies! They had more clothes than I did and they STILL do!

As quickly as their closet filled up though, it's just as quickly thinning out. They're growing so fast lately that I'm having a hard time keeping up with them. After I purged their closet and dresser this past weekend I realized that they only had about 9-10 onesies to share between them. EEeeek!

However, all the time I spent weeding out those outfits and pieces that were too small it became evident that my "keep" pile was slowly getting bigger than the "get out of here" pile.

 Did I miss something?

No I sure didn't. This little thing that was happening has really been going on for the past 2 months. With their first birthday growing closer and closer, I feel as if I'm losing my babies. The baby powder, wrinkly feet, 8 pound , thumb sucking babies. They're gettin' so big! In attempt to hold on to their littleness, I've picked outfits that I'm not willing to let go of. I know that I have zero room for extra clothing. Our house is decent in size but no room for excess clothing with no intentions of wear and tear...but's so hard!!

After a long moment of convincing my Moma heart on which one's to  let go hit me! Take some pictures and make a journal of a picture with them in the outfit and why it was so special. Then, then, getting rid of it passing it on to someone else that can use it will feel better. And that's what I did!

I took some pictures of some of those outfits that brought back memories of when they were in them...

I said just a few.  

I'm super proud of myself though. I ended up with this big box of clothes to take to the consignment shop. Along with some toys and bouncy exchange of clothes for store credit works for me!

The girls are ALWAYS going to need bigger clothes.

How do you manage to let go of your kids' clothes? Are there pieces that you just can't part with?
What works for you?


  1. We have two boys, and plan to have another baby, so I have held on to EVERYTHING. But when the time comes, I plan to keep the outfits I love the most and make a quilt out of them.

  2. I've kept mostly all of our big ticket baby items, but the clothes I've recently gone through and weeded out. I keep some clothing for my son and daughter because I plan on making a quilt for them eventually!

  3. aww your babies are adorable!! i can't wait until when i become a mother one day!! it was nice meeting you in the twitter chats!!

  4. Let go of my daughter's clothes?! GAAAAAA!!!

    Yep, I have a problem with that. My daughter is 8 now and I still get weepy when I pull out the clothes that are too small for her. Our basement gets smaller and smaller all the time...

  5. OH my gosh! I didn't realize you had twin girls! That is amazing!

    What a great idea to capture the memories of those outfits so you can let go.

    In regards to your comment about goals on my post--you can TOTALLY do it! Write them down, ask a friend to keep you accountable. I mean, this coming from someone who's awful at keeping goals herself... but just trying to be encouraging. ;)


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