Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Dvivision of Motherly Grace

When I look at my girls, sometimes I wonder if I have given been fair with my love and grace. Have I shown each of them that I love them equally?

My days are filled with quality time with my girlies. We play and jibber jabber. We stack blocks and learn new things. We are always together. Sometimes I wonder though, are they missing out? What about that special bond that they need individually? Are they getting it?

Ask me any other questions concerning my girls and I'll give you the answer. But with this...I don't know.

The girls have been a little sickly over the past month and this weekend has brought on another bout of sniffles. On a usual day the girls hit their beds ready to drift away. However, here lately, they have had some rough nights. Taking turns at waking up only 45 minutes after bedtime and sometimes even in the middle of the night to cry. Normally I would peek in and simply say "lay down, " but last night I had this urge to give in. After several attempts to calm her down I went in and picked her up. Something that I usually try noy to do because the other tends to alway wake.
My sweet Savannah.

I picked her up, wet cheeks, bed hair, heavy breathing...she needed her Moma. I sat down in my rocker and she plastered herself to me. Running her little fingers through my hair, her sweaty little head laid softly on my shoulder, her chubby feet wrapped around my waist. I was all hers...a rare occasion. Sissy laid sound asleep in her crib and there she was soaking up all of Moma's love with no need to share.

I went in and gave my little girl the attention and grace she needed. I offered myself to her in a way that she doesn't often receive. What a joy. Moments like these are few and far between because there are TWO demanding ALL of me ALL of the time. This quiet me and her time is my reassurance that she knows that I love her.

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