Friday, April 8, 2011

A peek over my shoulder...

This week was a swift one. It's current definitely threw me for a whirly wind. I was tossed to-and-fro... one moment full of energy consuming my spit-fire soul and
quickly left drained with out one drop left to spare.

But man was it beautiful. Breath taking. Memorable.

Grab your sweet tea and walk with us through our week:
Hope finally started walking. She finally gained confidence and believed that her first step would carry her to her second. I'm so proud of my ladies.
The garden is flourishing with growth. It's so fun to see the progress from tiny plants to full grown produce. I can't wait to eat it all up...mmm-mmm!

I managed to create this wonder while sitting out front with the hubs. I love the tiered effect
We attempted to weed out our toys...some little girls struggled to say goodbye.
We stuffed our faces with some yummy food...

we painted some pictures for our art wall...

someone who's name starts with S and ends in -avannah learned how to pout and show her tail.
(this was her position for 10 whole minutes...pitiful huh?)
we perfected pretzel making...will share soon.

I love looking back at the time past and remembering how fun and silly it was. At this time, we can't run around town or even the beach at that because Daddy is still recovering, but we can still squeeze in moments and sweet hugs and kisses to create some down-right awesome memories.

A peek over my shoulder...
make's me happ-y!

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  1. So sweet. Thanks for reminding me to take better account of the little moments in my everyday. Thinking of your family as your husband continues to recover!


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