Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homemade Peach Cups

I think it's safe to say that my girlies are fruit monsters. They love love love fruit...any kind, any way, any time. I'm so happy about that because this lady loves it just as much.

2011-06-29 11-55-34.170 Hmm...I wonder where they get it from?!? *wink*

Have you priced fruit lately? It's getting up there! Crazy economy...won't you just leave the prices of things be and allow us to buy our food at reasonable prices. Grrr!!! Anyhoo...

I'm not a huge fan of buying canned food. You can see here I don't keep many in my pantry because of all of the problems that have been linked to it. Let's just say, glass storage is the better option for food's longevity. However, in attempt to provide balanced meals and a healthier diet for my monkeys, sometimes I end up grabbing a few cans of pears or peaches when I can manage to find them in 100% juice and not the syrup. Those sometimes moments are usually paired with several coupons to bring the cost to a lot less than what I would pay...thank you coupons! But, unfortunately, that's not very often.

Enter siked out lady at the supermarket!!! (that's me *smile*)
Our market has a rack in the produce section for sale items. I compare it to the Merita bread know the place for day old bread that is perfectly fine but sells at half the original price...yeah...that one. Well, I love this rack. It means I get to buy some sort of fruit or veggie as a discounted price. Since either one of those last only a matter of minutes in our house, I have NO problem buying them this way.

Today...well...I was thrilled when I walked up and saw a big big bag of peaches. I know right!!! I checked them out and there was nothing wrong with them. I immediately had ideas flashing through my mind of what intentions were in store for these little babies. Oh but that's not it!!

I saw this too!! What's that?

Oh just some ginger roots. MMM..hmm! That's right! And did you know we love ginger too? Well it's a true story. The good thing about ginger is it can be kept in the freezer until you need it . YAY! At $1.50 for all of this...I almost feel as if I'm stealing from the market. Wellllllll...nah I don't!

But...back to the peaches...

Washed, peeled, and diced up to create a nice bowl of sweet summer goodness!
And even fruit monsters like these two can only consume so many peaches before they begin to go bad...
211_1532 we froze them. One cupcake pan, some empty space in the freezer, a few hours of coolness, and there you have it.

Homemade peach fruitcups. Ready to eat at your disposal!!

Summer can't get better than this....or can it?!?!?

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  1. Your girls are adorable! That is great that you encourage their love for fruit. My aunt was very good about that with my cousins, and to this day(one is in her 20's) they still eat a lot of fruit! What a good mama!

    Living So Abundantly: New meme this coming Thursday, July 7, 2011, Give Back Thursday--join the fun!


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