Friday, July 22, 2011

Full Disclosure: Master Closet

Stop now and take a moment of silence for my sanity. I'm beginning to wonder if I have completely gone over the edge without a slight hope of ever finding my way back up. Look at this disaster!

It's horrible!
 I know.

*head hung in shame*
Here yall thought that I had my peas in a row, everything was together, and I walked a straight line. Well this is proof that my roads are full of curves and unexpected surprises. My house is far far far from perfect. Prime example.

But you know, this is what happens when life takes place. Pfft! Who am I kidding?!?
This is what happens when the big kids begin to feel as if the "pick up and put away concept" need not apply to their  audltness.  Shoes thrown in. Clothes draped all over. Drawers half opened.

Mounds of unknown. Crazy! The only way to tackle a situation like this is to dive in. A plan would work great, but in my case I had a nap time to devour our cluttered closet.

First things first. I picked out all of the hubby's military gear. All winter, unused summer attire, formal wear, and other odds and ends. They were all placed in their very own tub. Allowing him to easily find what he's looking for the next go-around.

Then I took all the shoes that were piled on the top rack and sorted them out in a keep and donate pile. It's funny how my taste in shoes have changed. This collection is quite old though.

I pulled our shoe rack that was found somewhere else in the house and placed it back where it belonged. It now holds our tiny collection. I'm thinking of putting the girls' shoes in here as well.
I moved the plastic drawers to the end of the closet since they pretty much hold my clothing. I refigured them to a  set of four drawers. The others will be used in the playroom... eventually.

Moving the drawers allowed for my longer dresses to hang freely without getting cramped.
As you can see here, I have a lot of wire hangers. This is a part of my dorm days...cheaper worked for me even back then.

Somehow, we have managed to acquire an outstanding collection of better hangers ( when I say better, I mean the heavier plastic hangers...let's be real) so I plan on weeding through as I go and making small changes a long the way. Wire hangers reek havic on clothes and when you don't have that many it's worth tending to their needs.

When the girls woke up from their nap, they  jumped right in on the project. Assisting me in every way possible. Gotta love their will and creativity. They'll make play out of any situation.

Since I reworked the media storage (post to come), I pulled those World Market baskets and used them for items on the top rack. It's pretty much all Mike's stuff since he's a bit taller than I.

 Left to right:
Mike's PT gear, Undershirts, Winter pants

this picture really shows the difference in the basket's colors...never noticed that before.

An hour or two later, I went from this... this.

After I was all done, I was left with a box of hangers, two bags of clothes to donate, several pairs of shoes, and a sense of accomplishment. My goal is to also continue to weed out our clothing. I know that I wear only half of what's in there. With the help of the What I Wore Wednesday posts, I'll be able to see my favorites and the donate selection will be easier.

Do you have an areas that is wearing on your nerves? How did you tackle it or plan to?

All the items that were used in this project can be found in the following list:

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  1. i love the most Military clothing..and here great stuff is given..i like them all..thanks for this post


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