Friday, July 29, 2011

Full Disclosure: Media Intervention

When Mike and I got married, our separate collections of movies, music cds, and his game collection molded to one as well. We've had this lovely media center since day one of our living together. It's moved from the apartment, to our little house in Bossier, and to our current home today. What a trooper! In the beginning, our collection was lined up for all to see. Major clutter issue for this lady. So I bought these lovely baskets from World Market one day to hide the nonsense.

After having the girls, the collection has grown thanks to Veggie Tales, Signing Time, and what not. The baskets were overflowing and slowly running out of oomf to withhold all of the media. They were also perfect for the girls to dig into. Having our entertainment center torn apart by our little munchkins is not the ideal situation.  It was time for a media intervention.

Step 1
I went through the collection. Mulled it over with the hubs. And within 25-30 minutes, our once huge collection was slimmed down. Older movies that he would've watched back int he day (ie: biker dvd's, old comedy sets, etc.) we tossed. Not even worth Amazon-ing. Don't worry, I gave up some too. Josie and the Pussy Cat circa high school days.

I bought these lovely media sleeves while out and about one day. Perfect for my plan of attack! To maximize our storage area, I decided to remove the dvd's from their cases...unless it was one that should have it's case like...Transformers or a Disney collection.

I separated them into categories:

That was pretty much all we had. I then put them each in a sleeve and began the list process. Mike was curious about how I was going to keep track of them all. With a master list paired with a number system, we were good to go.

The number on the cd sleeve corresponds to the number on the list...category appropriate.

Getting this set up took me a while. Nap time ended sooner than expected but no worries. I tossed everything into a basket and saved it for later. So stay tuned for the final results.

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