Monday, September 12, 2011

The Befores and Afters of Parenthood

If you're a parent, you're fully aware of the changes that children bring with them when they enter the world for the first time. It's an amazing adventure that I believe many folks take forgranted...I being one of those people on many occasions. However, sometimes, even when we I am completely overwhelmed in my gratefulness to the Father for His overflowing blessings, there are I times I miss the before-hand.

**quiet evenings with my best friend
**going out on dates
**sleeping on the beach
**Hopping in the car and just...going
**window shopping...
**meandering in and out of stores with out a purpose
**enjoying a pleasurable new candle without fear of a toddler swooshing it off the table
**drinking out of glasses instead of water bottles
**drinking my own glass of anything
**eating a banana all to myself
**working on a craft from beginning to end without fear of the end of nap time drawing close
**working on crafts
**leisurely grocery shopping
**carelessly grocery shopping

Now don't start assuming the worse. I'm not depressed or in a loony state of mind...I'm just hitting a wall of wonder here.

I sit and look at this list of (and that's just a small list too) things that I enjoyed before children crossed my mind or my heart. My idea of leisure and relaxation have molded to the new normal these days...I think it's funny how our life has changed so drastically over the past 3 years. If someone were to tell me that I would become the person I am today, I probably would have laughed. A SAHM? No way! A mother to twin girls...yeah right! But here I am, and there they go running down the hallway...again.

Instead of wishing for all the pleasures I use to enjoy and hoping that one day I'll be able to return to that once loved state of simple, I'm busy soaking up every moment I have with the wonderful blessings I've been granted...because nothing compares to...

**hearing "there's two!"
**hearing your baby A and baby B cry for the first time
**holding that preemie with the assurance that she'll be ok
**finally hearing the words "they can go home."
**realizing you're capable to care for the most precious littles
**watching their first smiles
**the firsts of any milestone really
**seeing them learn to love each other
**sweet random hugs and kisses
**giggles from the hallway
**peekaboo games
**first words
**snuggles in the dark
**providing comfort to your baby's

and this list could go on and's amazing isn't it. How we change and all. Before I enjoyed things that were slightly temporary...after my girls were born...each day brings with it a memory that  leaves a permanent stamp on this whale of a heart. And the future only brings  more...


  1. This is the post I just haven't had the time to sit down and do. Ditto girl! It's so awesome to know others just as grateful! Happy Monday!


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