Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Smashed Potatoes

There are often some times when I'm thinking of a meal idea and am left with nothing when side dishes comes to mind. My husbands always likes to throw in his suggestions sounding out the alarm for
"FRENCH FRIES!!!" or "BOX STYLE MAC-N-CHEESE!!!" but you can't eat these (well he could and probably would if he was still a bachelor which he is NOT) *smile*

I have a good collection of side dishes, but a meal like sloppy joes deserves a more rustic type partner to share a plate with and what better than a good 'ole  smashed potato to do that with.

It's quick and painless and takes just about as long to cook as....well...the meat for the sloppy joe.
Follow me.......

You'll need a good potato to people ratio. We've got four people (three really since the girls only eat half of potato together) so I pulled out 4 small to medium sized russet potatoes. Wash, boil until slightly poke-able with a fork but not falling apart, and set aside until your ready to continue.

Here's the fun part where you'll get to take out all your aggression on this poor potato. Grab your tool, in my case a spatula, and a potato and in a 1,2,and 3 style motion...SMASH AWAY!!!

Next, line up some butter in your pan. If you use salted butter, it helps to season the potato and brings a better crispy brown edge similar to a hash brown texture.

Yes that is four tablespoons of butter, but there are four potatoes so it actually equals out. Trust me.

Once your butter is slightly melted, place the smashed potatoes into the pan and let them sizzle away.

Sprinkle in seasoning of choice.

Please ignore all of the splatters on the stove. This is what happens when you're cooking sloppy joes....messy!!

Flip the potatoes over and admire it's loveliness.

Serve 'em up beside a classic and enjoy!

Why yes those are homemade buns....and so scrumptious I can't even describe!!! Multifunctional too!
I'll share with you one day.

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