Friday, October 14, 2011

Maryland Vacation Part 1

I remember a lot about our summer vacations when I was little. I can hear the water running over the rocks at the big Little River we used to play hours and hours at. In fact, if I sit long enough, I can hear it very clearly. Oh wait, that's my fish tank.

Lazy river days, hikes up the mountains, trips to Deep Creek, or a visit to see the bears at Cherokee. The memories are there. Etched in my mind to keep for reference on any rainy day.
These are the types of memories I long to create with my own girls. One's FULL of love, not fluff. I think about all of those times when Mike and I sit and plan our own vacations. For now, our trips our more like family reunions. Visiting family that we've missed and allowing them to partake in the girls' zaney-ness.

So...we've been in Maryland this past week in a half. We're home now, but we returned to our humble abode with files of laughter and hearts filled to the brim. We were very busy up there. The girls went full speed and non stop.


They didn't hesitate to jump right in on the adventures that Pop Pa's back yard had to offer. One big hill equaled hours of zips and zooms, backs and forths, rolls and dives, hide and seek, tag! you're it!
 Oh was priceless!

We made way to a local pumpkin patch at Milburn's Orchard, a well known fall attraction in the Elkton area. We had such a wonderful time making our way through and watching the girls take it all in. I know they won't remember any of it, but they were so adorable! I hope one day, they'll realize how special of a moment it was for me to see them at their first real fall Pumpkin Patch. We took so many pictures, but even with all that exposure, there are times when your heart gets the best view. Don't you agree?

They're fingers were signing every animal they saw. Goats, pigs, horses, cows, chickens, and the most common...bird. If they didn't know the sign, it was a bird. *smile* Their big blue eyes looked at everything around them with amazement.

There were times they were going so fast that the only way to keep up was to carry them. I never knew there little feets could motor around so quickly.

We even managed to squeeze in a couple bites of Milburn's famous Apple Donuts. A well desired treat in this town. Just ask my husband...and the rest of his family. Let's just say, reallllllly sweet!

Pop Pa did a little bit of raking for the girls and gathered a huge pile of leaves for play. They weren't too sure at first. They thought they were going to get into trouble or something. But with a little bit of reassurance, they pounced on the idea and that was that.

And I guess I'll call it quits for now. Some "back to reality" type house work is calling for me and with that, I say farewell. I"ll share more with you later. Sweet luvins friends, new and old!
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  1. Love these pictures. So glad you had a great trip!!! And that apple donut looks amazing!

  2. Such sweet and precious memories for you to savor down the road. I love how they were reluctant to jump in the leaves. They just wanted to be sure that they were obeying you, mama.

    I totally agree with what you said about your heart getting the best view. Pictures are wonderful, but they're just tools. They remind you of what your heart was feeling, but they're not the feeling themselves. We mamas are always glad to have them around so we can remember that feeling. I just have to remember to put the camera down sometimes so I can actually experience things with my family.

  3. What great memories you are making for your girls!

  4. What great pictures!!! I am so so so glad that you all had so much fun!!! :) I feel like I was there with you ;) Love you!! Can't wait to see more!! :)

  5. Your children are giving me baby fever... Looks like you guys had so much fun at the pumpkin patch :)

  6. your girls are the CUTEST. seriously! and that pumpkin patch looks like a great time. loving all of your pictures!

  7. Love the pictures! Your girls are adorable! Looks like you had such a great time!!


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