Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Monday. My plans have not yet been written out except for the fine truth that laundry has been started and move from the kitchen and the littles are still in dreamland. Hello there sweet blog friends. How was your weekend? I'm praying it was relaxing as ever.

We didn't do much around our house but soak up every last drop of laziness we could find. Thanks to an eventful day last week, my body was lacking some serious energy to keep up with our typical ebb and flow. I'm on the mends though and want to send out a big hug and shout of thanks to all that sent up some prayers.

Saturday led us outside to keep Daddy company. He worked on brakes and such.

Sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, beach chairs, sunshine, blue skies.

These days, you'll see the girls enjoying their sunglasses a lot. It's a new found love and I'm totally digging it! The frames perch so perfectly on their pudgy cheeks and leave me absolutely smitten for my Littles.

And attitude...I'm thinking it was a package deal with the glasses.
They only use it when the glasses are on...

HA! Who am I kidding!
Are they not the most precious Littles you've ever seen?
 I know I'm a tad bias on the matter, but golly george!!!

They're so LOVE-able!!!!

I got a few things done this weekend despite my lack of oomph.
Twice baked potatoes, BBQ potatoes and potato skins were made to freeze.
Gotta love easy meals and snacks.

I found some old pictures and sent them to my Bub for keeping.

My Grandmother and Granddaddy...our last summer with him.

Me and Bub...Cades Cove...circa, um, a long time ago. *smile* 

The Little's brought home their Zacharias craft from church and I thought they were eligible for fridge display (like all other crafts they do *wink*)

That was it. Nothing spectacular but spectacular itself. We played, we loved, we lazied around, we laughed, and dreamed...lots!

It's Monday. Go get to life to the max!!!

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  1. you are cute....and so are your "littles". Glad you got to soak up some sun this weekend. Love the girlies in their sunglasses and how they were "sportin' a tude"!!!! Hope your week will be a blessed one.


  2. Glad you are feeling better! Been praying for you. The girls are adorable in their shades! Such sass! :) Hope you have a really good week!

  3. OH WOW! Corey's shorts are impressive in that pic!! Just how I remember you guys!

  4. Love the last picture!! Actually, love all the pictures, but the last one really cracked me up. What a sweet, sweet picture of your grandparents. Photos like that make my heart hurt sometimes.

    I'm so glad you're starting to feel better. It's hard when Moma gets sick. We just don't get sick days.

    And like the other Jamie said, I'm totally digging the shorts!

  5. Your little girl is sweet! Thanks for linking up with us today.

  6. Loving her sunglasses! That is too cute!


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