Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy and Fun

That was what our weekend entailed. Daddy was out at the hunting lease all day Saturday and we joined him after naps to ride on the "tractor." The girls were so excited to ride and Daddy and I were taken back by simply being in the woods. It's so nice to escape the business of suburbia.

We found a little honey hole where we'll be visiting again soon. The water, even though the pictures lie just a bit, was so clear you could see the fish 3 feet from the bank. We could have dipped them out with a net. The air was so clear and fresh. Nothing like it is around the house. 

No noisy cars zooming by. 
No loud music boom-booming through streets. 
Just us and nature. 

This little spot was beautiful. It seemed like the water went on forever. Oh..and the breeze! It seriously took my breath away. Close your eyes and just imagine the most serene breeze blowing in your face. We didn't want to leave. 

On Sunday, Daddy washed the cars after church and we let the girls splash around in the water after their naps. They loved it! To cool off, we sliced up some watermelon and they went at it!

They love this summer treat just like their Moma does!!!

Our weekend was busy, but it was a fun busy. Full of fun things instead of dreaded busy. We love weekends like this where we plop into bed and are completely exhausted from all the joy we've endured. 

There's nothing better than that!


  1. Precious. Their faces while eating the watermelon are way too cute!

  2. Such precious pictures! So glad you had a good weekend! How are you feeling? I've been praying for you, friend!


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