Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chick Chick

When the word outside is mentioned the word chicken is always to follow. The girls are always so excited to go say hello to their chickens each day. 
A cute "Hi chicken! How you dew-ing?" 

Compared to a couple of months ago, the ladies are much bigger and full of life. They talk to us while we're outside and enjoy their time to roam the yard. Dog free of course. 

They are developing some attitude which always makes me laugh. Chickens can be so  prissy and temperamental. They fit our family well.  

The dogs have a fascination with them and love getting the ladies all stirred up. Bella always keeps a steady watch on the coop for us with an up-close-and-personal approach. What she doesn't realize is the chickens are seriously mocking her. It's a funny occurrence!

They're favorite spot to chill out is the deck. They'll spread their wings out and sun bathe as long as I'll let them. It's a cool spot for majority of the day and offers plenty of rest from the sun. 

We love these chickens and the excitement that they've brought to our little piece of rural Carolina. It won't be too much longer before they'll be giving us eggs everyday. That is something my grocery budget is waiting for. 

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