Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making a List

I'm not the type that really enjoys skipping over holidays as if they're non-existent. Unless it's one that doesn't really strike my fancy. Usually, I get quite irritated when Thanksgiving is overlooked because, in my heart, it's a very important time of the year for us to gather and reflect on our gratefulness. 

However, this year I'm really trying to be ready and avoid hustle and bustle. Frankly, I know that I'm not going to have the time to be out shopping and what not with a new baby to tend to. So, the hubby and I have been sitting down here and there making a list of things we think will be good, thoughtful presents to give our girls Christmas day. Gifts that won't just pile up a week later and go unnoticed. Gifts that will hold meaning and help them grow in addition to being fun and enjoyable for later on. 

1. Old MacDonald Lotto I found this game on Amazon and after reading all the reviews, I was very excited to add it to our list. Our girls LOVE animals and farms, so this matching game should be a great hit. 

2. Doctor Play Set - I've been looking for ways to build their dress-up collection. With being pregnant all summer and many trips to the doctors office, the girls have sparked an interest in playing doctor with their doll babys. Therefore, I thought a doctors kit would help them out a little. But do I order two or just one?? 

3.Hungry Hungry Hippos- Sometimes its nice to just have something to be silly with. I loved this game as a little girl and I think my girls will too. Plus, you can never have enough games to play with toddlers in the house.
4. New Books- Picking up some new books for the girls and I to cuddle up and enjoy. Here are a few of the titles I've picked out and some of them even have Cd's included which is great for Daddy's story time.

5. Sing-a-Long Songs - Now they can have some songs to listen to while they play in their room or ride in the car with Moma to town. They love Veggie Tales so this is perfect!!

6. Artsy Items - A few coloring books, some new stickers, paints, etc. They love working with all of this stuff so we'll pick up some of these to stuff their stockings and fill the gaps. 

These, of course, are just a few things that made the list. There are days when I add ten other items to the list and next day erasing the same 10. It's a thought out process for me because I like to think about what to get them and what would be the best thing for them. 

What ideas do you have for your kids? 
Any suggestions for soon to be *gulp* 3 year olds? 


  1. Great list, Moma!! Veggie Tales, Fancy Nancy and games are always a hit around here, too. Good job being organized.

  2. My daughter is obsessed with my iphone, so I'm going to try to get her the leappad. Kid friendly and I can be sure she's not online looking at who knows what or buying things. She will be 3 in Jan. She's also getting some games Candy Lane, Memory. And I'm adding to the little people zoo talkers collection, we have the treehouse and she loves it. I found on Amazon 3 packs of family animals, Kangaroo & Panda so far for 10.

  3. In have two daughters also and they love to play dr. I bought them that same dr. Set. I am always trying to figure out buy one or two. In this situation I bought one and it has worked fine. They play with it together and take turns using each tool. That hungry hippo game looks great. I will be adding that. I am still working on my list: I want to get them a children's camera. One that is built tough but actually takes photos. I found some on amazon for around 30 bucks. I love to see the world from their eyes so I think this will be fun.

  4. Oh I also found this magic wand. It plays music and gives the child different physical activities like... Flutter like a butterfly. I think my girls will love this.


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