Friday, May 17, 2013


I ventured out again. 
This time with the ladies in tow.
My intent was to drop off some of their outgrown clothes.
But I just couldn't help my curiosity.
I had to see what else might be hiding in the store waiting for me to rescue it.

So I caved.

As soon as I saw the tin box, I snatched it up like nobody's biz-ness!
Too bad Christmas is like 6 months away.

I saw the vintage sheet gleaming through a pile of miscellaneous what-nots. 
I thought of a springy curtain or some pillow covers for my bed. 
Not sure.

Can you believe this shower curtain. 
I'm know I've seen it somewhere before but I can't remember where.
Don't you hate it when that happens? 

When I saw this vanity tray and about flipped out. 
Pretty dainty am I right?
It will relocate to the girls' room once they outgrow their destructive stage.

For now it has found a home in the living room.

I know... another oval frame. 
I can't help myself... it was super CHEAP.
And the frame was already a nice color.
You can't beat that people!


This little Hollie Hobbie tote
has just solved my hair storage problem.
 I'm always chasing the girls around to 
brush their hair and can never remember where the brush is the next time. 
So when I saw this, I knew right away it had to come home with us. 
Their favorite blankets have a garden girl that resembles Miss HH. 
It'll fit quite nicely in their room and make hair assembly less stressful.
{happy dance}

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