Friday, August 9, 2013

In All It's Glory

I can't believe that it's already Friday. The Mr swears the week was like a snail but from where I stand it went by pretty swiftly. We've done very well at keeping busy and enjoying what's left of summer. 

Speaking of summer, I don't know if I've told you, but Florida was a BLAST!! I loved every minute we were there but I think my girls really soaked up it's beauty. We didn't do very much, but what we did do was big and grand. Lot's of memories to tuck away for rainy day remembering. 

Here's just a few pictures to share in all their glory *wink-wink*.....

1. The girls loved riding Pa's "tractor" with him.
2. It was nice being able to stand on the porch and watch the cows. Literally.
3. Who can resist picking big, bright, red hibiscus flowers?

1.Ellie getting her Nana snuggles...priceless.
2. "Look Mama! I'm taller than the mount-nains!"
3. The 3 youngest were buddies the entire time. Annie quite enamored by their presence. 

1. Hope devouring Pa's smoked bbq ribs.
2 & 3. Walking the hills at the park where I played when I was 

1. The trees at the park had some serious character, something that never grows old.
2. Playing in the rain puddles with Pa. I love this little snippet I got. 
3. They seriously walked and ran up and down the driveway for an entire evening. Enjoy the simple things.

1. She sure loved her Pa, a whole lot!
2. Dipping those little piggies in the water.
3. Pa let the girls play his harmonica a few times. We may have some future musicians on our hands.

1. She loves to swing.
2. Making homemade ice cream with Pa. It was yummy!!!

Like I said, we had a blast. Leaving was bittersweet. I always hate leaving because family is family...but it's good to be back and tucked back into our little house.

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