Friday, September 20, 2013

Ellie at 10

A little late, but things have been hectic.

Her first year is passing by more swiftly than I imagined.  I'm reminded each time I glance at the calendar that she is almost 11 months...So I'm soaking her up as much as I can.

My sweet Ellie girl is a lot these days. She brings some extra spice to our life and stirs up our crazy even more. But that's how we like it. 

---speedy gonzalez

---almost, like any day, walking
---eating me out of house and home
---getting big and running out of clothes
---learned how to wave by or hi...whatever you choose

---filling my wishy-washy heart with so much love...the indescribable kind
---teaching me how to be a more calm Moma
---leading me to the cross more and more

I sure do love you sweet girl.


  1. Helloooooo!!!!! I have not commented forever (mostly read on my phone and it won't let me comment!!), but I am still here following right along. You inspire me with ALL of your posts. Little Ellie is a beauty, just like the others. They grow way too fast, but they continue to challenge us as we dig deep in each new season of mamahood. You look great and I hope you are enjoying the fall season. Love all your crafitness. The only time mine pops up in for the girls' birthday parties and then I'm so exhausted I don't do it again for another 6 months! Thanks for keep it real and being a great bloggy friend!


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