Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I'm Thinking

I have a list of things to do that is "rolled out to the road" kinda long.
My body is on overdrive trying to get everything done.
My mind is full to the brim with bits of info for this, that, and the many other things that call my name.

Here's what I'm talking about....

}} Thinking about changes for our family. Our home. Our career. Our purpose. There's a lot of possibility out there just hanging on a limb right now. I'm praying for the Lord to lighten my worrisome heart and ease that "what if" stress. I know He's in control. 

}}  My girls started the Child's Day Out program in September. I've been having some reservations about it already. Not really sure if that's what I want for them. Not really sure how I feel about missing out on so much of their learning. Something else I'm praying about and talking over with the Mr. I know it's "good" for them to be around the other children, but I feel like I've lost a little bit of control of what their learning. I don't know. 

}}  And along that subject line, I've been thinking of how to work with them on curriculum based work. Letters, colors, numbers, etc. We've been working on cutting and tracing the past two weeks. They love it...well we all do so far. Makes me wonder how well I'd be able to teach them. 

}}  I feel fall. It's slowly moving in on this warm air that seemed to wreck August and September. I'm not completely ready for cold per say, but I'm welcoming the cooler with open arms and sweatpants. Oh! And I can't forget the socks and jeans and...well, you get my point.

}}  Here shortly, we'll be headed up North to visit family. Long overdue. I know I'm not the only mom that doesn't leap for joy where the idea of miles of pavement and 3 children under 4 is involved. 

}}  I've been thinking about our eating. I've been trying so hard to make from scratch what I can, but it's tough. I've been over thinking too much and had to really take a few steps back and realize that I can't do it all. So we're back to baby steps. Do what I can. That's what I tell myself.

}}  Thinking about how I need to just deal with changes with more acceptance and grace. Like with Ellie and her eating. I've run out of breast milk supply and have had to transition her to formula. I know she's alright and will be perfectly fine, but I just can't fully accept it. It's a battle. 

}}  I've been doing a lot around the house in attempt to simplify and minimize. Buying less, donating more. It's good for us. 


  1. Sista chick, you are doing so great!! I'm really proud of you for simplifying and knowing what priorities you need to set. The Lord will reveal it all to you in time. We've been there, too. ;) Love ya!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot to think about - praying for peace and grace as you transition through things with the girls and Ellie - you'll know what to do!

  3. Praying you have wisdom and guidance through all the different aspects you mentioned. I know the Lord will show you what to do in every situation. xo

  4. I just love your posts - and your mantle decor. It's always so cute and festive. Our TV is above our mantle - bad decision b/c I can decorate there! I pray you are finding some peace with the potential changes. Your little trio will do awesome no matter what b/c you are with them. That is what I discovered when we moved to Seattle - our actual home didn't matter as much as the fact that we were all together. That's all they need. Sweet Ellie is really getting big. It happens too fast. I miss my baby, baby from last fall. Ayla is so busy now - shopping trips are quite hectic! Take care, dear!


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