Monday, November 4, 2013

Our Weekend

That's the only word that fits the type of week and weekend we just had. 
We have been up and down with colds, fevers, chills, coughing...all of it.
Poor Ellie girl is taking the last lap of it all, dripping her runny nose goodness all over the place. 
She's ended up at the clinic twice in four days.
Not her week.

Overall, our pace was slow. 
we watched a lot of movies
drank a lot of coffee
baked some cookies
read a lot of stories
drank numerous cups of tea
and snuggled...

I even managed to get the girls Christmas bows made, gotta love being ahead when you feel behind.

I'm glad it's a new week.
I'm praying that we'll be back to full speed by Friday.
It would be nice to soak up the fun that weekends always bring.
We need it.
How was yours??

UPDATE: If you're interested in a bow like above, please email me. Thanks!!


  1. Oh my goodness those bows are adorable! And the cookies look delish...maybe I need to bake? Happy week to you!

  2. So glad it seems like everybody is on the mend. We had a similar weekend - laying low around the house, hoping Evie would feel better!

  3. Oh man! Glad y'all are on the mend. It's rough being sick and having sick babies!


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