Sunday, January 19, 2014

Four Years Here We Come

My girls turned four yesterday.

I really wanted to throw a party.
I really wanted to go all out and make them feel special.
I really wanted them to have the perfect day from sun up to sun down.
I wanted to deliver and provide.

And you know what!? 
I didn't throw a huge party or go all out.
But I know for a fact that they felt special all through out their perfect day because I chose to be there with them and enjoy every part of them. No distractions. 

When they woke up, I had their treats set out for them.
Anna and Elsa peg dolls from a little etsy shop, Peg Buddies, I fell in love with. They've fallen head over hills for this movie (so have I) and when I saw these dolls, I couldn't pass them up!

It's so hard to believe my littles are already 4. They're growing so fast. We had such a great day. Some of their friends came over. They brought Chic Fil A and enjoyed some cake with us. I think it really helped fill in the absence of someone special. 

Happy Birthday little ones! 

I think the most important thing I've learned since becoming a Moma is that you have to learn how to let go of things you think you "need" to do, 
things you "want" to do, 
and the things you "could" be doing and just 
be where you are.

It's not the amount of money or materialistic things that they remember after time has passed. It's about the moments you share together and the amount of love you pour out to them each day. And that is my goal during this CHANGE we're going through... To be where they are. 


  1. "Be where you are" indeed!! You're doing such a great job, Moma! And happy birthday, sweet girls! Love the peg dolls! Both of my girls adore that movie and I know that even my 12-year-old would play with those. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful four year olds! You are one amazing mama!!!

  3. Looks like a sweet, simple, fun-filled day! Happy birthday to your girls!


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