Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Join Me Tomorrow

so often i make it to wednesday only wondering what chaos sits on the brink of the morning. what melt down will occur.who will initiate the quarrel.
what else will top off the mountain of silly nonsense that has me so stressed up into a knot.

so often i wake on the thursday after only to see how beautiful my chaos is.
so my goal this year is to sit on a wednesday afternoon and jot down the many blessings i've endured so far in my week. like...

squishy hugs from my girls. 
repetitive requests to read a bedtime book. 
slobbery sugar from an ever-learning toddler. 
and on and on.

won't you join me!? wednesday, i'll have a spot for you below my post to leave a link to yours or simply share some things in a comment. your choice. i'd love to hear. please join me.


  1. Your posts always make me smile:)

  2. I like this :) Great mid-week way to keep the gratitude flowing! I'll try to link-up if I have time!


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