Sunday, May 17, 2015

So I Write

The way our life goes, we're pretty much 100% family oriented. Making friends is something that just doesn't come easy to me. A social butterfly I am not. Sad to say, but so true. So most of our days, the girls and I that is, are spent being together, living together, playing get where I'm going. I love our days. Some more than others, but I still love them. A lot of lessons and heart notes tucked in with each one that passes. 

I decided not too long ago to begin a little letter journal for my little sparrows. Something that they can hold in their hands when their older and flip through. Words about our moments and days; about how my heart pitter-patters when I watch them play sweetly; about how I feel about being their Moma; about how important it is to be a family; about how I simply love loving them and living my life with them in it. 

It's nothing fancy. It begins with a Dear and ends with sincerity. A nice little date at the top and mushy gush in between. Some are written to all three, some directed to one certain gal. It all depends on the moment, the day, the feelings that run thorugh my veins. 

I pray that one day, when they hold the journals in their hands that they will have a better sense of me. An insight of their Moma's heart per say. That maybe somewhere in between the words and spaces, they may find something that strikes them in a way to be great in all they do. 

So I write. 
Not everyday, but I write. 
To them. 
My girls. 
My littles.
My three little sparrows.
For they are my life and reason.

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  1. What a priceless treasure for your girls -- both the lifestyle and the writing.


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