Thursday, May 19, 2016

10 Joyful Things// No.1

Here lately, the days have seemed long. Summer is almost here and the girls are full of anticipation of all the things we can do here in Idaho. I've just been trying to make it through each day so the thought of trying to make their summer as amazing as they imagine it is overwhelming. By afternoon time, this Moma can be worn out and running on E. So, I've been trying to look for the little moments of joy instead of waiting for a fall out. So when I find it, I snap a picture and make note. Here are a few that I've found this week...

1. My Savannah color sorted the cookie cutters while she was cleaning up the play-dough. She was so proud. The littlest things can be the biggest in their eyes.

2. I've been waking up to more and more scenes like this. It seems that Hank has been sneaking out to the  living room in the middle of the night to snuggle on the couch. Such a sneaky dog.

3. When they listen, behave, and get along without fussing, a day full of errands isn't so bad. 

4. When the twins were babies, Hank would guard them very closely, listen at their door, and let me know when they were awake. Here lately, he's been letting them love on him and sitting as close as he can to them. It's such a sweet sight to see them have a dog to love on. 

5. We don't get very many, so this thunderstorm was a joy to sit and watch as it rolled it. The clouds sit much higher out here than they did in South Carolina. 

6. When you've gone an entire week and the girls clean their plates at every meal, it's time for a round of applause. Moma loves it when everyone leaves the table with full bellies.

7. Making it to church on time and with smiles on everyones' face. What's not to love about that!?

8. I love when she plays. Making the sound of the vacuum. I could eat her up!

9. She's been listening to her big sisters practice their reading every night. I found her this week reading to herself and trying to sound out words. I love hearing her little voice tell the stories. She's trying so hard to grow up too fast. 

10. We've been going to the library more and more. Bringing home multiple bags of books for the week. I'm soaking up every minute that they pile on my lap for reading time. 

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