Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Little Scared: Pregnancy

I've started to realize exactly how close I am to the arrival of my little Hope and Savannah. Being the organizational nut that I am, I like to know when things are going to take place, where I need to be, etc. With this pregnancy, I have had to let go of the reins (not completely). I admit, I hate NOT knowing when they will be here. I don't even have a due date...all they can give me is an estimated date:
"The twins could arrive anywhere between the end of January to mid February," says the doctor.


Well, yesterday was supposed to be a normal trip to the Baby doctor. I'm going on 29 weeks, so they're starting to monitor the baby's to make sure they're not getting stressed or anything of the matter. I'm lucky enough that my husband is able to come (and wants to come) to majority of my appointments with me. We find humor in watching the girls on the ultrasounds; they always look like they're boxing. Anyways, the past 2 times he wasn't able to make it, so I'm thankful that yesterday he was. The Lord knew I was going to need his hand to hold.

There we were sitting in the monitor in the "Oh so cozy" recliner chair and Mike beside me. The nurse walks in and her eyes get big. Every woman knows that a reaction like that will put a pregnant woman into shock. This is what she asks me, "Are you feeling that?"

My obvious answer was, "What? Feeling what?" She goes on to explain to me that I was having contractions the entire 20 minutes I was on the monitor. So, here comes the doctor.

Any woman that has gone through the hard time of a miscarriage knows how scary the words "Pre-term Labor" can be. Well, that's what I heard. I was terrified!!! There was no way that I could hold back my tears...I was truly scared. My girls aren't even 3 lbs yet, and they're wanting to come out. Oh no no no!!!! I don't have everything ready for them. Their cribs aren't even here yet.

Mike was such an angel after that (not that he's normal not), he was right there trying to calm me down and dry my tears. One of the reasons why I love him so very much.

They ended up running all sorts of tests on me. Explained that a particular one was the determining factor for my chance of pre-term labor. In the event that it came back positive, I would more than likely end up going into labor withing the next two weeks. If it was negative, I probably had an infection of some sort that was causing the contractions, which could be stopped.

****I'll take option 2 for $300 Alex.****

After they did all sorts of tests, they sent me home with strict guidelines and a promise to call with test results ASAP: Yep ladies!!! You guessed it!!!

I'm on BED REST.

I prayed and prayed all afternoon that everything would work in according to His will...

...because it always does.

About 3:00, they finally called and told me that the main test came back negative. My heart just dropped. I was so thankful for that answer....Our God is an AWESOME God!!!!!!

I am very thankful that they are able to stop everything from beginning too early. My girls; you'll just have to stick out your boxing match a little bit longer, for your time has not come yet. It will soon.

My Nana sent this to me this morning: Amazing how perfect it fits.

"Without God, our week would be: Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Frightday, and Shatterday. Remember: Seven days without God, makes us WEAK."

I hope everyone has a blessed day.

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  1. Hey girl!

    I'm praying for you! I had no idea that you had been put on bed rest until I clicked over to your blog to let you know that you won the Mimi's Babies Christmas Dishcloth Giveaway from my blog! :)

    Just e-mail me with your address information!



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