Thursday, January 14, 2010

From the Heart of Nana

My two little girls are absolutely lucky to have a Nana like they do. She currently lives 14 hours away and is already head over heals for these two little rascals...and they're not even born yet. Would you expect anything less from a Nana? Why no, but it's still a sweet thing. One of the sweetest in fact.

My Moma has two little grand-girls already, thanks to my brother. Oh, and we can't forget our little Angel Baby that's waiting for us all in Heaven, she makes three. So, when Savannah and Hope arrive, that'll make...five total. Big jump!! And the cool thing is, my brother is expecting a third which will be here in June. AWESOME!!!!!!

Anyhoo... I started looking for nursery decorations way back in August...even before we knew that we were having girls. I was going to settle and go with the whole "neutral" theme. I sure am glad Mike talked me out of it. His argument made sense never know what's going to happen so let's not jump the gun.

Well, when we finally learned that our twins were girls (Woo hoo by the way!!!), I was able to focus on "girl" stuff instead of the neutral blah. :~) And I do say that with full respect to the neutral palette. I quickly learned that crib bedding is EXTREMELY expensive...especially when it's the exact one you want.
After talking to my Moma one day, she mentioned making the crib bedding herself. What a shocker!!! My Moma is an excellent seamstress, so when she suggested this, I was all over like white on rice!!! We picked out fabrics long distance style. Not an easy thing to do let me tell ya. It's hard matching fabrics when you can't really put them side by side, but we managed. Look at the end results......

Can you believe she made this???? I think it's absolutely beautiful!!! She even made sheets for the mattress. I was amazed. The print is butterflies with a paisley background.
She only made one set for right now because we only have one crib up, since we're moving soon. But, she'll have the other ready by the time we get to Charleston.

When I walk into my girls room and look at the crib, it makes it even more special knowing that the bedding that they'll be sleeping on was made from the heart of Nana. Tons and tons of her love went into that bedding. I couldn't ask for anything better. I just can't wait to see my girls sleeping in there.

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  1. Hello! Visiting from TILT:) That is beautiful!!! Congrats:)

  2. What a precious gift! Just walking into that room and seeing that has to bring a smile to your face.

    You are very blessed to have a mom who can and will spend that much time to make such a wonderful gift for her granddaughters!

  3. So sweet! My mom made a blanket for my daughter when she was born that I treasure. (visiting from TILT :)


  4. That is so special. And I love the colors. I got my last set at a garage sale. Pottery barn for $15. YIPPEE!!!

  5. wow, your Mom rocks! Those are incredible!

    I love the colors and the whole girly feel. So precious


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