Monday, February 22, 2010

Girly-Girl Babies

I hate to admit that while growing up, and even now, I've never really been a real "girly-girl." I know...crazy huh? You would probably think the exact opposite if you would have seen me on the side lines at the weekly football games through out high school. Yes, that was me with a big blue and gold hair bow tied in my hair, bright blue eyeshadow caked on my eyelids, and gold glitter sprayed all over my uniform and anywhere else I could get it.
But, when it came to everyday, you would find me in my blue jeans, boots, a simple shirt, and my hair in a pony tail.

My Moma used to say that I would change...


I think the simplicity has actually gotten worse. Not in a bad way though, I just put my focus on more important things than what's going to make me look all glamorous. (And...I am definitely NOT downing anyone that "is" a'll see where I'm going with this, promise)

It is funny though; that since I've had the girls, all I want to do is "girly" them up. What is it about babies and cute headbands and bows??? They are just so incredibly adorable.

I've been looking online for accessories for my girls. There is no such thing as too many, agree? I do. I have been visiting
MiMi's Babies website and trying to decide which one of her little flower-dy headbands I want for my girls. The hardest part is trying to decide on the color. Makes me wonder what the girls would pick if they could voice their opinion. Hmmm....

If you haven't been there to look at her collection, you definitely should. Her accessories are absolutely adorable and should for sure be a part of your baby's collection.

I have yet to make an order...but two babies equals even more of decision...I'm almost there (giggle, giggle).

Head over there yall...promise, no regrets!!

Have a blessed day...God is shining in your life even through the cloudy skies, rain, and snow. He's with you where ever you are.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! You are too sweet!

    Totally agree that you can never have too many hair accessories. I LOVE making them. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I {heart} Mimi's babies!!! Mimi made Lily's carseat cover! I'm like you...I've been looking at the hairclips nearly every day for awhile but I have yet to order or decide what to get! :)

  3. Kristen,
    Praying that God shows your husband to the perfect house and communtiy! Praying for you and your girls!! Praying they get to come home so soon!!! I was wondering if I could email you? Would love to send your girls some hair bows!! If that is too weird, I understand. Just so excited for you! I have a precious no hair boys for us! haha. Have a wonderful night!


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