Monday, March 1, 2010

I can SO do this!!

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a post about housework per say. It's more about getting in the swing of being a new "Stay at Home Moma."

This is all brand new to me. Expected? Yes. These are my first. Life is changing as we speak. I now am responsible for two little peanuts. They depend on me and their Daddy for everything. That's a big role.

Nervous? YES
Scared? YES
Excited? Of course
Determined? DEFINITELY
I knew that it would be tricky getting stuff done while incorporating an every 3 hour eating schedule for twin girls. I must say, the girls have impressed me with their schedule. They are doing so well...I am very proud of them.
The NICU was a big help with getting them on a 12, 3, 6, and 9 schedule. So, I have decided to keep them on that same schedule. I was hesitant at first about whether I'd be successful or not, far, so good.

Mike went back to work yesterday, so it was our first day home together all by ourselves. He came home during his lunch hour just to see them. It was nice, but I didn't want him to leave.

I am having to learn how to spread out my daily tasks. At first, I was running around trying to get every little thing done before it was time for their next feeding. But I learned quickly that the tasks aren't going anywhere.

The girls were given iron and vitamins that they have to take every day...I admit...I forgot the first day they were home. I felt really bad. What kind of mother forgets to give her kids their medicine?

I decided very quickly that I had to make a checklist so that I don't forget them again. They WILL get their vitamins and iron without fail. I'll give big shout out to my husband for that idea.

Things are going to be rough for a little bit. The days will never be able to compare to each other. But...I will keep my head up, heart open, and will remember:

I can SO do this!!!

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  1. Yippee!!! I am so glad your girls are home!!! God is sooo good. Praying for you all and your days together.

  2. Remember to breathe! You will get into a good routine with both of them and it will become second-nature to you.

    I also realized that I had a lot of expectations of myself as a mama, and there was just no way I was going to be able to fulfill all of them.

    I'm sure you are doing great and I'm glad that they're home with you now (the best place for them)!

  3. promise promise promise it gets easier. Good idea making check lists. I have cried many overwhelmed tears- especially at the beginning, but you CAN DO IT. How blessed those sweet girls are to have you as their mama. Just enjoy and sleep when you can!! :) I'm no expert, but since my girls are 18 months now, if you have any questions or need ideas, I can let you know what worked for us!


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