Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reflection Sunday: In the Quiet

This week was a big eye opener for me. I had a tremendous fear that came over me...and like I know I shouldn't have, I allowed it to consume me. My girls got really sick starting on Sunday and I was seriously afraid. Instead of stopping and talking with God about their well-being, I allowed the fear to take over and run the show. I did pray and pray that they would get better, but I never stopped to listen to what God had to say.

Well, it's amazing how God decides to talk to us sometimes. There have been times when I have felt as if I've talked His ear off and I've waited patiently for His answer...but nothing. This week, in the wee hours of the morning, I heard Him. 

 I was walking Savannah back and forth in the living room trying to calm her. I couldn't figure out what to do to make her more comfortable and I started getting flustered. So, I started singing to her. No lullabies, no silly cartoon songs. A single hymn, my Bumpa's favorite hymn to be exact.

"In the Garden"

When I started to sing to her, her cry softened and her tears slowly stopped. Her eyes got really bright and she became very in-tune with the song. I was amazed. Of all the things I had tried, this is what worked.
That's when it hit me.

God is in control. The only explanation I have for singing that particular song is that it was God. It was then that I prayed for Him to wrap her in his arms and hold her tight. To take away her irritability and help her to relax.

I was so consumed with the fear for my girls, that I wasn't listening to God. He was telling me that they would be okay...I just wasn't listening. So, He chose the quiet. The early hours of the morning when there were no distractions. No tv. No radio. No dogs running about. Just me and Him.
He opened my eyes and touched my heart through my daughter. How much more amazing can He be?

This week, I decided to challenge myself. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful daughters with me everyday. I want to make sure that they are brought up knowing the Word of God and His amazing works. So, I have made a point to set aside time each morning to read to them. I am reading the book of John out loud to them each morning. Then, I call my mother-in-law and we talk through it. It is a great beginning to the day and the girls are hearing the Word. It's awesome!!!

Remember the next time that you feel that God wasn't listening to you...try the quiet.

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  1. Kristen that is awesome that you found singing to Savannah helped out. You are doing a great job as a "Mommy" and "Wife" to your babies and Mike.

    We are praying for you guys and wish we could be there to see those beautiful babies in person.

    Love you guys,
    Aunt Beth and family


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