Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 Months

It is so hard to believe that it's been 3 months since my you were born. So much has happened since the new year...this time has just flown by. I look at you everyday and try to take in one thing that I'll remember before I close my eyes at night. A certain smile, a pucker of the lips, an Elvis curl, something. The time I have with you now is so short and special, I want to take it all in.

I know that this is a little late, because you turned 3 months on the 18th, but you all know we've been busy with the new house and all.
Every now and then, I stop and rub my belly. When I feel a little bubble it reminds me of all the times that I would sit and just enjoy you. I miss those days. Not necessarily the size of my belly but knowing I was the one that was holding you. You know.

It's so crazy how you've grown in the last 3 months. From this...

to this...

You have grown so much and have started doing so many new things.

**You smile and laugh
**You play with the toys on your tummy mat
**You've started scooting around
**You're teething already
**You love eating bananas!!!
**You're sleeping longer through the night
**You holding your heads up more and more
**You respond to Moma and Daddy when we talk to you
**You grab for the dogs tails when they walk by you
**You turn your heads when you hear our voices
**You look when we look at something

Moma has a busy road ahead of her. It's time to start looking for highchairs, security gates, outlet plug covers...all the things that I'm gonna need to take care of you once you start boogying around the house. 'Cause we all know it's gonna be soon.

Moma and Daddy love you sooooo much.

We can't get enough of your sugar. You are so precious and sweet. I'm truly cherishing every moment I have with my sweet girls. I hope you're enjoying all of the silly things Moma does to entertain singing and dancing around to make you laugh.
I'm having a blast even though the neighbors probably think I'm a crazy lady. They don't have your pretty smiles to look at all day.

God is truly a gracious god. I can't thank him enough for giving me the most amazing gifts a lady could have. I love you two so very much.

Happy 3 months!!!

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  1. I loved this post!!! Wow, they have grown!!! I'm starting to think about the gates and outlet covers too...

  2. How beautiful. They grow so fast.

  3. Oh the blessings and joys of a new baby. They do grow so fast. She is beautiful, enjoy every moment!

  4. awww, what memories this brought back! my first "baby" will be 14 soon and my last "baby" is almost 3 1/2! the time does FLY by!
    stopping by from the milspouse blog hop! new follower!

  5. Aww <3 My little girl just turned one this week so I know all about how fast time flies. :(


  6. Too sweet!! My baby is 14 months already, it goes too fast. Following from the milspouse hop.

  7. Your little ones are precious! Nice to meet you this morning (I found you via the bloghop)

  8. Stopping by on the blog hop, cute pics! :)

  9. Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! It looks like you're meeting some great people. It's nice to meet you! Adorable pics by the way.

  10. Hi from the blog hop :) They grow so fast. It is crazy. For me pregnancy drags and then they are born and time speeds up.

  11. I'm following you from the blog hop!

  12. Hi from the blog hop! I'm following along! :-) You have a beautiful family.

  13. Hi! Just saw your blog via blog hop! You have a beautiful family. Your girls are adorable! Can't wait to start reading along.

  14. Hiya! Found you through the Blog Hop! The girls are ADORABLE! My son is 5 months today!! How does it go by so fast? I am a doxie mom too! and one is a black/tan dapple also!

  15. following you through the blog hop. your pictures are beautiful! i have a 6-month old daughter and am amazed at how fast time goes. i look forward to reading more !

  16. I am a new follower from the mil spouse blog hop also! Took me a while to get around to everyone. but better late than never!

    Such cute little ones! I love to hear new mommies gush over their babies!!! What blessings you have!

    Look forward to reading more!

  17. Hi there. Found you on the milspouse blog hop. Look forward to following you. You can find me at: :)

  18. Aw, this is so sweet! I know how you feel, my little man just turned FOUR months! It's crazy how fast they change:)

    I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more!!


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