Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mom-Mom & Pop-Pop Barrett

This past week was full of laughter and giggles. Mike's Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop Barrett were here visiting.
We had such a great time. This was the first time the they've seen the girls since they were born.

It makes me sad that they had to wait so long...but boy...did these girls talk their ears off.

They're so much more active now..they'll entertain you for...well...until they get bored and hungry.

Mom-Mom was so in love with these girls. She had a baby in her arms pretty much the entire time she was here.
I thought it was sort of funny...she was always holding Savannah and
Pop-Pop was always holding Hope.

Maybe that's why Savannah learned how to stick her tongue out.


We were so busy with short shopping trips and playing on the tummy mat...

that the girls were just plum worn out. 

Let me just say...they took some good naps while they were here. *smile*

Mom-Mom didn't want to leave her little greats. I saw a few tears before she got in her car to head home. But, I sure am glad they were able to come.

Double the love, double the blessings, and double the spoiling.

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  1. You little ones are just adorable! I'm sure mom mom and pop pop (hehe) were soo very happy to be able to spend time with them.

    Just so you know.. I ended up making my old blog private and created a new one. My new blog looks shockingly similiar because I transferred all of my old posts over. The new blog just leaves out names and photos. Feel free to follow if you'd like:


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