Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It is...

...a special day today.

It's my Bub's Birthday!!!

This year...he will be 29 and I cannot believe it for one second.

This was us 2 years ago... Best Friends finally together again.
We haven't always been best friends though. We fought like cats-n-dogs when we were little. We were really a mean, vicious pair I tell ya!
We stopped all that when I turned 16. Something just clicked one day...
We started doing everything together and it was just more fun that way.
I have always looked up to my brother though. For as long as I can remember, he has always been very level headed. He never got into those stupid things like drinking or drugs and that made a huge impression on me.

Now...I never did think that he would marry and have a family like he does now. He was just always so busy...he practically lived outside. Never wanted to sit and eat because he wanted to keep working away. He told me once that he wouldn't eat if he had to. In his mind, that was time he could be spending working on a project. I wish I had that mind set sometimes...maybe then I would have his figure. *giggle*

Now, I look at him and the man he's turned into....and I am so PROUD.

He's a great friend, a great brother, a great husband to his wife, a great son, an awesome uncle, and an even better Daddy.
But...the thing that makes me even more proud is that he's given his heart to the Lord. That right there just warms my heart. Knowing that when we go to heaven...we will still be together.
Pretty awsome I think!!!

He truly makes me proud and I am so happy for him.
He finally has his little boy that he's wanted for so long...and now his little big family is complete.

Happy Birthday Bub!!
I love you!!


  1. Aww this is cute. I hope he has a great birthday!!

  2. Hey punk.. Thanks for the b day post. That realy means alot to me. Me and my crew miss yall lots and look forward always to your next visit. Love bub.


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