Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our Day at the Beach

I knew that when the girls arrived, our lives would no longer be the same. I had embraced the fact that the outings and adventures that Mike and I would endure would be different.

Moving to Charleston was a very exciting move for us. We knew that we would only be 35 minutes from the beach. We also knew that it would probably be a while before we stepped foot on any sand...because of the girls. Now, I've never looked at this as a bad thing. How could I?

While my In-Law's were here, they offered to watch the girls while we ventured towards the sand.
Talk about a treat!!!

The wind was blowing.

The sun was shining.


Feet in the sand!!!
We totally sat back in our beach chairs and absorbed all of the beachyness we could.
We got there really early; well, 9am. That's early for the beach. It was awesome. The crowd slowly moved in starting around 11am, but we managed. Mike called it the "college" crowd...but it was more like the "families with kids" crowd. You know...the families that desired to be at the beach early, but because they have kids to get in the truck along with 4-5 beach bags, a cooler, and thousands of beach chairs and towels, they are now getting to the beach 2 hours later than what they wanted.
You know, the normal families. *giggle*
We did better this time at applying our sunscreen. We actually managed soaking up lots of sun without burning. uh-mazing!!!!! After we left the beach, we drove around the downtown Folley Beach area and decided to grab some lunch at a crab shack. Mike had some snapper and I...well, I had the most amazing crab cakes I've ever had. I was in another world it was so yummy. The crab shack had the neatest, beachy atmosphere. We truly enjoyed our time together. It felt like it did before we were know that giddy "I'm falling in love with you" sort of mood.
So much fun.
All the heart was missing my babies. We slowly made our way home. The girls were all smiles...never missing a beat. One day, we'll get away again, but for now...I'm where I need to be.

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  1. I am so glad that y'all got the time away since you don't get it often...


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