Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cherry on Top

Two weeks ago, my friend Kaylee over at Small Wonders gave me something wonderful....a blog award. I was so excited!!! But...I completely forgot to pass the joy on to others...let's just say I've had a busy lazy week...I admit it!!

The cool thing about the award is that you have to look at yourself in the mirror...not really. You just have to share three things that you love about yourself...and we all know how hard that is to do. Then you pass the award to those that you feel are deserving.

1. I love that I can let loose and be carefree...silly...goofy....crazy fun! There are times to be serious and that leaves the rest of the moments to fill with laughter and silliness. Don't-cha think? Hopefully I'll rub off on my girls and they'll be the same way.

2. I love my desire to serve my Lord. Now...there is ALWAYS room for improvement...but my desire is bountiful.

3. I love my love to cook. I believe it's important to provide nutritious and healthy foods for your family...without my love to cook...who knows what would be on their plates.

I would love to share this award with the following 3 ladies:

Kathleen over at Feeding a Family with Love and Great Food
Cheryl over at Moms in Need of Mercy
Sue over at The Homeschool Chik

Thank you for always sharing such true and humble posts. I absolutely LOVE reading your blogs!!!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!!!

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