Monday, July 26, 2010

For You my Little Seux!!

I am a woman that loves to be in her kitchen. I am not one that dreads the thought of cooking me food is a way that I express my love to my family. A meal that is prepared with love and sincerity is a great way to say...

"Hey...Honey/ ROCK!!!"

Don't you agree. I know for a fact that I owe this love to my Moma. When I was growing up, I was always right there beside her in the kitchen. Her own little Seux Chef.

My chair was placed as close to her side as possible so that I could watch her every move. I guess her passion rubbed off on me just a tad.

Now I have two little girls and even though they're only 6 months, I'm looking forward to passing on this love for cooking to them.

Well...a good cook can't be in the kitchen without a stylish apron to guard her from all the spitters and spatters of all the yummy foods...right?
I've always been told, a dirty apron is a tell tell sign of a good cook.

So, when I was going through my clothes the other day, I came across my old khaki pants.

I think they're like 4 sizes too big for me now..totally loving it!!!

I figured, what does a little seux chef need?
Her own apron of course!!!

I got busy busy!!!

I took my scissors and cut them off right above where my knee would be if I was wearing them.
Before I unfolded a single leg, I cut out, I guess, a little scoop? This way, when you open it up
Wa-LA!! You have an apron...or what will be an apron.
Next, I picked out my fabric that I wanted to accent the apron with.

I think little girls deserve hot pink polka bout you? 
And..I'm going to go ahead an apologize for the horrible picture quality.

I was forced to use my phone's camera because...yes..I forgot to charge my camera's battery. Should I add that to my fail list for this week? I'm thinkin' about it...

Back to the apron... 

This is pink polka dots in fact.

I cut out a double strip so that I would have enough for both sides. I decided that I wanted the apron to have a frayed look so...when I started sewing I left the edges raw and sewed the stitch leaving 1/4 inch to fray.

Savannah was all into the pink...she can't wait to wear her new apron...soon enough.

For the pockets...I picked two coordinating patterns. They have to be different yet know how little girls can be. I'm trying to prevent future temper tantrums mmm k?

You see the butterflies? I decided to cut a few out for a little accent touch up top.

I also gathered a strip of the polka dots and sewed it across the top for a little pizazz.
So, here's one apron without the neck strap.

The other apron has a different pattern...colorful circles.

I did the same thing with the top as I did with the other one. Just the perfect touch I think.

I love that their different yet so similar. Kinda like Hope and Savannah.

 Fit's them perfectly!!!

Oh..I almost forgot. For the straps, I cut 2 strips of material about 24" long. I sewed along both sides leaving the ends open. I took a kabob stick to help me turn the strip in-side-out.

Once I had it flip flopped, I started to attach them. For the waist straps, I sewed one end to the back of the apron and simply tied the other end in a double knot. For the neck strap, I sewed both ends to the back of the apron, right at the corners.
That's it!!!

I hope this isn't too confusing. If you have questions about anything I did, you know you can just ask me.

 No problem there!!

I know you will be seeing these in the is in their genes yall!!!

Have a great Monday!!!


  1. Thanks for visiting at the paisley cupcake. i love this little apron. So cute and thrifty!!


  2. What sweet memories you have of your mom and you in the kitchen!! Great that your passing it down to your little ones!!

    You created such a sweet apron - love how colorful it is!! Bet this will see many recipes made in it's day!!

    bee blessed


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