Saturday, July 10, 2010

Man of the House: We Love Him

Every morning (well weekday morning), I wake up at 5:30. I brush my teeth and brush through my hair to make it look "not so frazzled." My slippers slip themselves on to my feet and I make my way to the kitchen. I pull the Dunkin Donuts coffee (He only likes this kind) down from the cabinet and get his coffee brewing. I grab the English muffins and get one toasting in the toaster. I grab his lunch box and stuff it with a whole bunch of goodies and a sandwich for the day. I make sure his uniform is ready to go, his ID is in his wallet, and his keys are ready. All the while, I make sure I hear the water running. This is the sign the he's out of bed and hasn't fallen back to sleep. I get his coffee ready in his coffee mug; four cups of coffee and a little bit of yummy vanilla caramel creamer. I'm never alone during this adventure. My Bella girl is always down by my feet making sure that I'm following all the steps and getting everything right. She occasionally gets a piece of English muffin when my hands are clumsy *smile*.

When he finally walks into the kitchen, I greet him with a smile and a warm, buttery, English muffin. The three of us usually stand and talk for the last few minutes he has (Where's Hank? Oh, he's not a morning dog. He's more in favor of the after work greeting.) Then, he puts his uniform top on, grabs his bag, coffee mug, wallet, and keys and heads towards the door. Here lately, he's been picking Bella up for me since I really can't pick her up very easily. Then we all head towards the back door to say bye. It really is adorable to see Bella tell him bye every morning. She always snicks in a quick smooch on his cheek when I give him a kiss goodbye. This is our very special morning routine.

We really do love our Man of the House. There have only been a couple of times that I have stayed in bed while he got up for work. When I finally woke up, I hated the feeling of not talking to him and helping him start his day. I truly do love making his coffee and breakfast. Anything to make his way to work easier I'll be more than happy to do. In my mind, he goes everyday to be able to provide our family with the means to live a happy life. This is my way of showing him that I respect him for the hard work he does. No thank yous needed. He deserves every bit of it.

I simply love my husband.


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  1. You are so sweet! This made me smile! I love that you have a morning routine where you get to spend some quality time with your husband (even if it is early-morning and you're half-asleep like I would be!!!)!


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